"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Year of the Bunny here we come.........

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: the day started at 2 in the a.m.
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 7:31 PM

Today we took a few of our great friends on a sunrise hike called lion rock, it was a blast. It was my second time doing this hike and I loved it. I love just being able to get away from the city within minutes. so it was amazing. tyron and lambert are studs. they almost died on the hike, but we all made it down the mountain with a smile on our faces. This week has been great, we have found a lot of new investigators, of course just tons of young men. They are all so prepared and ready for the gospel its amazing. I love it. vincent and ernest will both be recieving the preisthood this week and I'm so excited for them. Within the next few weeks both of them will have an opportuinty to help our new buddies get baptized. woohoo. they are so stoked. I am giving a talk this week on how members can be better missionaries. There is so many ways I didn't even know where to start. ha, so I started with members working with less actives, from there I went on to inviting family and friends, and there people we see when we go to work or pick our kids up from school and from there I just went to contacting any one and everyone. But the fact for most of these people is that they aren't going to be receptive of the gospel the first time, most likely they will give you a little attitude and tell you they are not interested and have no desire at all, but over time heavenly father has promised us that as long as we keep sharing this message their heart will be SOFTENED and they will come onto christ through you example. It's pretty easy to share this message. If you truely know this gospel to be true then it will be a piece of cake for you to share it with everyone you can. like I said last week, they will remember you, they will find you in the spirit world and they will ask you why you didn't share this message with them, you knew it and kept it from them, they won't be happy with you. They want to hear this message, but do not know where to find it. you have it, you can share it, heavenly father gave it to you and is relying on you to share it with others. I hope you are doing your job. you may be a house mom, a sister, brother, a dad or grandparent, it does not matter, you have the same responsibilites in this gospel, think about how many times in the bom and d and c, it says our purpose is to declare repentance unto all of mankind and through repentance help them come unto our father and be baptized in his name. too many times. do you think that its important? you tell me. what is the book of mormon been to you? what does the bible mean to you? what does having a living prophet on the earth today mean to you? do you believe that j.s. restored this gospel? you know that your brother jesus christ died for you and knows how you are feeling at all times every day? We have all that we need to get through life, there are going to be trials and questions that we can answer, why do you think we have a prophet and the book of mormon, these are the ways that heavenly is answering us in these latter days. he loves you so much, he gave us his only begotton son. The least we can do is share this amazing message with all to hear. They are waiting for you.. ...and just you. everyone you see, look at them, take a look when you go out next, look at the people you see, they are YOUR brothers and sisters, do you want them to have an eternal family, do you want them to have the same joy you do? well its up to you whether you want to help others have happiness in their lives. no one else. how great is the joy if you bring one soul unto him, and how great will be the joy if you bring many souls unto him. I think thats dandc 18:15-16 could be wrong. " families can be together forever " that and the atonement are the center of our messages today. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share this message with all. I love it so much. more than life it self. I never want to leave. As time goes by I get mad because I just want to serve the rest of my life. This name tag I will only have for 2 years but I know that after my mission I will still have that name tag as do you over and in your heart. heavenly father is counting on you to share his message about his beloved son. he loves you. he will bless you more than you can imagine, if you are doing all that you can do. put all effort into sharing this message. Be the one to change the lives of others. I love you all so much and just want the best for you. Go to the temple. Once a week and life will be so much better as you strengthen your relationship with heavenly father. love you and have a great chinese new! starts this week. Year of the Bunny here we come. to dominate the world with this restored gospel! Ready or not we are comin and comin in full force. ha I'm not sure if any of this made sense at all I'm quite tired But I know what I said to be true. that hf loves you. yes YOU. have a great week. make the best of it! SMILE!

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