"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Year of the Bunny here we come.........

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: the day started at 2 in the a.m.
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 7:31 PM

Today we took a few of our great friends on a sunrise hike called lion rock, it was a blast. It was my second time doing this hike and I loved it. I love just being able to get away from the city within minutes. so it was amazing. tyron and lambert are studs. they almost died on the hike, but we all made it down the mountain with a smile on our faces. This week has been great, we have found a lot of new investigators, of course just tons of young men. They are all so prepared and ready for the gospel its amazing. I love it. vincent and ernest will both be recieving the preisthood this week and I'm so excited for them. Within the next few weeks both of them will have an opportuinty to help our new buddies get baptized. woohoo. they are so stoked. I am giving a talk this week on how members can be better missionaries. There is so many ways I didn't even know where to start. ha, so I started with members working with less actives, from there I went on to inviting family and friends, and there people we see when we go to work or pick our kids up from school and from there I just went to contacting any one and everyone. But the fact for most of these people is that they aren't going to be receptive of the gospel the first time, most likely they will give you a little attitude and tell you they are not interested and have no desire at all, but over time heavenly father has promised us that as long as we keep sharing this message their heart will be SOFTENED and they will come onto christ through you example. It's pretty easy to share this message. If you truely know this gospel to be true then it will be a piece of cake for you to share it with everyone you can. like I said last week, they will remember you, they will find you in the spirit world and they will ask you why you didn't share this message with them, you knew it and kept it from them, they won't be happy with you. They want to hear this message, but do not know where to find it. you have it, you can share it, heavenly father gave it to you and is relying on you to share it with others. I hope you are doing your job. you may be a house mom, a sister, brother, a dad or grandparent, it does not matter, you have the same responsibilites in this gospel, think about how many times in the bom and d and c, it says our purpose is to declare repentance unto all of mankind and through repentance help them come unto our father and be baptized in his name. too many times. do you think that its important? you tell me. what is the book of mormon been to you? what does the bible mean to you? what does having a living prophet on the earth today mean to you? do you believe that j.s. restored this gospel? you know that your brother jesus christ died for you and knows how you are feeling at all times every day? We have all that we need to get through life, there are going to be trials and questions that we can answer, why do you think we have a prophet and the book of mormon, these are the ways that heavenly is answering us in these latter days. he loves you so much, he gave us his only begotton son. The least we can do is share this amazing message with all to hear. They are waiting for you.. ...and just you. everyone you see, look at them, take a look when you go out next, look at the people you see, they are YOUR brothers and sisters, do you want them to have an eternal family, do you want them to have the same joy you do? well its up to you whether you want to help others have happiness in their lives. no one else. how great is the joy if you bring one soul unto him, and how great will be the joy if you bring many souls unto him. I think thats dandc 18:15-16 could be wrong. " families can be together forever " that and the atonement are the center of our messages today. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share this message with all. I love it so much. more than life it self. I never want to leave. As time goes by I get mad because I just want to serve the rest of my life. This name tag I will only have for 2 years but I know that after my mission I will still have that name tag as do you over and in your heart. heavenly father is counting on you to share his message about his beloved son. he loves you. he will bless you more than you can imagine, if you are doing all that you can do. put all effort into sharing this message. Be the one to change the lives of others. I love you all so much and just want the best for you. Go to the temple. Once a week and life will be so much better as you strengthen your relationship with heavenly father. love you and have a great chinese new! starts this week. Year of the Bunny here we come. to dominate the world with this restored gospel! Ready or not we are comin and comin in full force. ha I'm not sure if any of this made sense at all I'm quite tired But I know what I said to be true. that hf loves you. yes YOU. have a great week. make the best of it! SMILE!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"It's as simple as that....."

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: through satan comes the opportunities of a life time, are you looking?
To: "jolene wright"
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 12:27 AM

Another week has come and gone, you get from life, what you take from life. It's as simple as that, how much peanut butter do you want on your sandwhich, well thats all up to you, you can choose and you can apply. Just like life, you can choose what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to become, and how you can influence those around you, if you want to serve the lord or satan, if you want to get caught up in the world and care about fashion and cars and money and your class status, its really up to you, and just to let you all know there is no inbetween, its either the lord or lucifer. You can make the smallest decision in life and its as easy as that, whether you want to buy a rolex watch that cost thousands of dollars or whether you want to buy that same watch with out the name brand that cost 20 dollars. Think of what you could do with all that money, who you could serve. There is so many ways that we can all improve our life so that we can tell h.f. we gave out best. We came down to earth and we accomplished all that you had in mind for us. We did what we were suppose to. Live with out regrets, be able to say that you gave it your all. why are you here? thats one of the main questions that we will ask our friends and investigators, " what do you think the purpose of life is? what do you want to accomplish? what is most important to you?" we get the same answer every freakin time, MONEY WORK AND SLEEP. Im so grateful for the opportunity to serve in hong kong, to be able to help these people realize that there is more to life than money and where you stand in society. What a blessing it is to tell these people that, we can and will have eternal families, that through this gospel we can find the answers to any questions, that we have a PROPHET here on the earth today, that leads and guides us through these times of economic and life hardships, we have so much to offer the world and if you aren't sharing it how will anyone know. I think about every ward that I have ever lived in and think of our member and how much work each and every ward needs. It's sad to think about. it really is. there are so many member that are way too into their job and money, its so stupid. you know who you are. In california and utah and conneticut, all of you. reality check... that money its going to heaven with you, its staying here, DO SOMETHING WITH IT THAT WILL EFFECT OTHERS, SERVE EVERYONE YOU CAN, its time to change. the time is now and its up to you, whether you want to go to the celestrial kingdom or not, its up to you.

This week in hong kong has been amazing. We have had the amazing opportunity to help another one of heavenly fathers sons come unto him through baptism. His name is jason. Mainland jason is what we refer to him by because we have several investigators with the name jason. haah. So he will be returning to mainland china tomorrow and will not be returning, we gave him every single chinese church book we could find and the address of the church, now all we can do is pray for him that he will find it without any complications and he'll love it. The worst place to get antied is here in hong kong its so bad. More than half of our investigators this week have gotton antied by other religions and its not been good. But I know that the lord wanted them to hear this message and now just like its up to us, its up to them to choose what they believe because we all have our agency and ability to choose. I know that the lord loves every single one of us and wants the best for us. He is aware of us and wants to help us. one way to recieve revelation is through asking for it. are you asking? are you listening? keeping your self worthy of receiving an answer. Hong kong today we went to a place called monkey mountain, haha it reminded me of my poor friends but these monkies were quite aggressive. It was so fun. we had a blast. we also had 24 hour exchanges. hmm the longest 24 hours of my life ahahhaha. but it was also one of the best learning experiences that I have had thus far on my mission. We need to make the best out of every situation even if it just down right sucks, make its the best. woohoo. I have so many pictures from this week but hey forgot the camera at home hahaha next week just you be ready. my spelling is awful. love it. my chinese is slowly improving. thank goodness. the weather is like that of antartica.. just not normal. I thought hong kong was tropical. I love my mission more than anything. It has impacted my life dramatically and I'm so grateful for all of you and the examples you have set before me. With out all of you I wouldn't be here today. ( random though happy birthday sister hunt ) mission is something that you can carry with you the rest of your life. It will change you for the best and give you the sense of direction you never knew you could have. I love you all and hope that you can all have the opportunity to serve the lord one day. to bring families together for eternities. thats our goal and we will accomplish it through faith and the lord, miracles happen. daily. We have a lot of new great investigators right now, I'm so excited for all of them. one is tyron hes so tight and the other is lambert so chill, those are just two of them, theres a lot more but right now they have the most potential. cool fact for the week. for every 13 first lessons with investigaors, the lord has promised all missionaries 1 baptism. i just looked at out numbers from last move. we have 26 first lesson sit down new investigators. 2 baptisms, this move right now, we have 26 and we've had 2 baptisms. thats so insane how the lord works. what an amazing promise. teach em lessons find the prepared and plant seeds in the other 12. love all and serve everyone.
love e wright

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"From the Front Lines of China Hong Kong Mission.."

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: A week of.....
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 6:41 PM

Hey hey hey,
It's elder wright reporting from the front lines of the china hong kong mission. Todays weather is 2 degrees celcius and its freezing. My mom has asked for more details of my daily life. SO i will give you more details right now. We wake up ( the worst part of the whole freakin day, all of you that were missionaries know that you are constantly tired and deprived of sleep, but how great are the blessings that come from it, so its well worth it!) we do studies in our office for 3 hours, barely cohearant to know what we are reading or saying. Then we shower and get out of the appartment to grab a bite to eat. Food is dirt cheap here and so delicious. As you can see, I weigh about close to 5 tons now, so no worries of anorexia here. Ha. Than we start our lessons for the day, if we don't have lessons we go finding or less active visiting and that usually lasts until 1000pm and bed at 1100pm. On fridays we have basketball at 800pm with dennis and friends. On Saturdays we have soccer at 1030am with vincent and friends. On monday we hold a family home evening at 730 for everyone because most members here are the only ones in their families. On wendesday at 700pm we hold a english class because every one loves learning english. Thurs is always our pday and its just the best. Today we will be going to the temple. My favorite p-day of the move. SO stoked. This week has been fantastic. On tuesday we got a random call from President Chan and he asked us to come to the church asap, we were in a lesson about 30 minutes away. So we ran pretty fast, got on a "syu ba" and raced to the church. Him and sister chan were waiting for us to have interviews. It was the best interview I have had yet. Because I can somewhat speak cantonese, we could actually talk to each other. It was so DANG GOOD> and after I interviewed with him I talked to sister chan for awhile, she is probably the funniest person out there. Pres Chan never went on a mission and is a convert to the church, he served as a bishop for 10 years and a stake pres for 10 years and temple president as well, wow! So tight, he is the most intuned person I have ever met. It was my first real interview since the first day I got here and it was spectacular. I loved it. Wish we could have more. Haha. This last sunday we had a baptism. His name is ernest! He is 16 years old and he is brilliant. So dang smart. As well as, a born genius, he is so dang funny. This coming sunday he will recieve the holy ghost. Congrats Man! ( His english is perfect that probably helped a little more haha ) Elder fogt and I are doing great, better than ever. Kwun tong is amazing. This ward is huge and so helpful. They are all so amazing. One of my favorite things to do as a missionary is to go finding, I love hitting the streets and trying to find prepared souls. Ahh i get so excited every time. Ha. The chinese people are amazing. Pretty positive I will not be returning to the u.s. So chinese new year starts pretty soon, its the biggest holiday for the whole year. Its going to be so much fun I cant wait. Everyone has work off for 3 weeks most people go back to their hometowns in mainland and visit family and celebrate up there, but its just as big down here in hong kong. The pictures will be great just you wait. Yeah I really don't know what I just typed little tired. Haha. Hopefully you can understand. If you get anything from it, just know the I love being a missionary, I love hong kong, love the people, and that I encourage everyone to go on a mission. Our mission is the only place in the world that church is held every day of the week except on monday. That we have people from every corner of the world. I read an article in an old ensign this week, it said the first missionaries came to hong kong in 1850 they tried to learn the language and couldnt do after 4 months they left not returning for another 100 years. Think of what hong kong was like in 1850 crazy. Can't even imagine how hard that must of been. It took 6 months to get here and than to just turn around. The people here had probably never seen a white person nor have heard the english language. But yet these missionaries came and tried their best, but the language barrier was to much for them, now since then we have had around 5000 missionaries come to china with about 25000 baptisms. Crazy. The work is great and growing at a fast rate. We have another baptism this week, his name is jason, this will be my first mainlander expierence. We will teach him everything and than on the 23 he will return to mainland china. In mainland you have to be a baptized member to attend church. Crazy, no walk in, no trial runs nothing you have to be baptized and confirmed and the only way to do that is to come down to hong kong. Out of the 18 mission presidents hong kong has had 12 of them served missions here previous to their calls. ( haha just some random facts about the mission ) Our mission also covers an island called Macua like the vegas of the china. Most missionaries don't get a chance to go their because of visa problems so usually just buhndaih missionaries will serve there ( missionaries that are orginally from h.k. ) but I hear its quite a cool place. Mom dad well check it out when you come get me in 2018 haha. Woohoo. Yeah thats just a few facts for you, i'll test you when i get back.

Something that you need to remember:
"Well the danger may be hard to see but it is real, both for them and for us. For instance, at some moment in the world to come, everyone you met in this life will know what you know. They will know that only way to live forever in association with our families and in the presence of our Heanvenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ, is to choose to enter in to the gate by baptism at the hands of those with authority from god. They will know that the only way families can be together forever is to accept and keep savred covenants offered in the temples of god on this earth. They will know that YOU KNEW. And they will remember wheter you offered them what someone had offered YOU."

Love you all and hope that you are making the best of this new year!
-Elder Wright

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a long letter but worth reading.....great reminders.

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011, 2:37 AM

Happy Freakin New Years all the way from Hong Kong!!! woohoo.

This week has just flown by, can't believe it. Time is something that i just don't understand anymore. It just goes by so fast while you are on a mission. Elder Fogt and i are doing great and we are loving Kwun Tong. We have a lot of great people right now, with a lot of potential. We have a baptism on this sunday and the following one as well. The work is hard, but so amazing. The changes and blessings you see are just undescribeable. Words can't descride how much i am loving my mission and the people, they are amazing. I've read a few talks this week during my studies that have made me really think hard about how i can change my self, how can i improve, how can i develop my testimony even more, how can i have the holy ghost in my life more, and how can i feel h.f.s love even more in my life. There are so many answers to these questions, some are hard and some are easy. The first talk is from President Thomas Monson, " The 3 R's of Choice"

"Let us not find ourselves as indecisive as is Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You will remember that she comes to a crossroads with two paths before her, each stretching onward but in opposite directions. She is confronted by the Cheshire cat, of whom Alice asks, “Which path shall I follow?”
The cat answers, “That depends where you want to go. If you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.”
Unlike Alice, we all know where we want to go, and it does matter which way we go, for by choosing our path, we choose our destination.
Decisions are constantly before us. To make them wisely, courage is needed—the courage to say no, the courage to say yes. Decisions do determine destiny.
I plead with you to make a determination right here, right now, not to deviate from the path which will lead to our goal: eternal life with our Father in Heaven. Along that straight and true path there are other goals: missionary service, temple marriage, Church activity, scripture study, prayer, temple work. There are countless worthy goals to reach as we travel through life. Needed is our commitment to reach them"
This is from our beloved prophet who is at this time, at this day, at this very second, representing our father in heaven. If you understand that you would take these words into your heart and choose now who you are going to follow today. Its up to you not anyone else. You have YOUR agency. Its about time that you learn how to choose. You know good from bad, and if you dont pray and ask him whether the decision you are about to make will effect your life positively or negatively and he will answer at that very second. Its up to you. WAKE UP!
Another talk I read was from President Eyring " Adversity " from May 2009 conference.
I bear you my testimony that God the Father lives. He set a course for each of us that can polish and perfect us to be with Him.
My beloved brothers and sisters, this opportunity to speak to you is a great and sacred privilege. I pray that my words may be helpful and give you encouragement.
With all the differences in our lives, we have at least one challenge in common. We all must deal with adversity. There may be periods, sometimes long ones, when our lives seem to flow with little difficulty. But it is in the nature of our being human that comfort gives way to distress, periods of good health come to an end, and misfortunes arrive. Particularly when the comfortable times have gone on for a while, the arrival of suffering or the loss of material security can bring fear and sometimes even anger.
The anger comes at least in part from a feeling that what is happening is unfair. The good health and the serene sense of being secure can become to seem deserved and natural. When they vanish, a feeling of injustice can come. Even a brave man I knew wept and cried out in his physical suffering to those who ministered to him: “I have always tried to be good. How could this happen?”
That aching for an answer to “How could this happen?” becomes even more painful when those struggling include those we love. And it is especially hard for us to accept when those afflicted seem to us to be blameless. Then the distress can shake faith in the reality of a loving and all-powerful God. Some of us have seen such doubt come to infect a whole generation of people in times of war or famine. Such doubt can grow and spread until some may turn away from God, whom they charge with being indifferent or cruel. And if unchecked, those feelings can lead to loss of faith that there is a God at all.
My purpose today is to assure you that our Heavenly Father and the Savior live and that They love all humanity. The very opportunity for us to face adversity and affliction is part of the evidence of Their infinite love. God gave us the gift of living in mortality so that we could be prepared to receive the greatest of all the gifts of God, which is eternal life. Then our spirits will be changed. We will become able to want what God wants, to think as He thinks, and thus be prepared for the trust of an endless posterity to teach and to lead through tests to be raised up to qualify to live forever in eternal life.
It is clear that for us to have that gift and to be given that trust, we must be transformed through making righteous choices where that is hard to do. We are prepared for so great a trust by passing through trying and testing experiences in mortality. That education can come only as we are subject to trials while serving God and others for Him.
In this education we experience misery and happiness, sickness and health, the sadness from sin and the joy of forgiveness. That forgiveness can come only through the infinite Atonement of the Savior, which He worked out through pain we could not bear and which we can only faintly comprehend.
It will comfort us when we must wait in distress for the Savior’s promised relief that He knows, from experience, how to heal and help us. The Book of Mormon gives us the certain assurance of His power to comfort. And faith in that power will give us patience as we pray and work and wait for help. He could have known how to succor us simply by revelation, but He chose to learn by His own personal experience. Here is the account from Alma:
“And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.
“And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.
“Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, [so] that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me.” 1
Even when you feel the truth of that capacity and kindness of the Lord to deliver you in your trials, it may still test your courage and strength to endure. The Prophet Joseph Smith cried out in agony in a dungeon:
“O God, where art thou? And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place?
“How long shall thy hand be stayed, and thine eye, yea thy pure eye, behold from the eternal heavens the wrongs of thy people and of thy servants, and thine ear be penetrated with their cries?” 2
The Lord’s reply has helped me and can encourage us all in times of darkness. Here it is:
“My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
“And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.
“Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.
“Thou art not yet as Job; thy friends do not contend against thee, neither charge thee with transgression, as they did Job.” 3
I have seen faith and courage come from a testimony that it is true that we are being prepared for eternal life. The Lord will rescue His faithful disciples. And the disciple who accepts a trial as an invitation to grow and therefore qualify for eternal life can find peace in the midst of the struggle.
I spoke recently to a young father who has lost his job in the recent economic crisis. He knows that hundreds of thousands of people with exactly his skills are looking desperately for work to feed their families. His quiet confidence led me to ask him what he had done to become so confident that he would find a way to support his family. He said he had examined his life to be sure that he had done all he could to be worthy of the Lord’s help. It was clear that his need and his faith in Jesus Christ were leading him to be obedient to God’s commandments when it is hard to do. He said that he saw that opportunity as he and his wife were reading in Alma where the Lord had prepared a people to find the gospel through adversity.
You remember the moment when Alma turned to the man who led the people in distress. The man told him that they had been persecuted and rejected for their poverty. And the record goes:
“And now when Alma heard this, he turned him about, his face immediately towards him, and he beheld with great joy; for he beheld that their afflictions had truly humbled them, and that they were in a preparation to hear the word.
“Therefore he did say no more to the other multitude; but he stretched forth his hand, and cried unto those whom he beheld, who were truly penitent, and said unto them:
“I behold that ye are lowly in heart; and if so, blessed are ye.” 4
The scripture goes on to praise those of us who prepared for adversity in the more prosperous times. Many of you had the faith to try to qualify for the help you now need, before the crisis came.
Alma continued, “Yea, he that truly humbleth himself, and repenteth of his sins, and endureth to the end, the same shall be blessed—yea, much more blessed than they who are compelled to be humble because of their exceeding poverty.” 5
That young man with whom I spoke recently was one who had done more than put away food and a little savings for the misfortune which living prophets had warned would come. He had begun to prepare his heart to be worthy of the Lord’s help which he knew he would in the near future need. When I asked his wife on the day he lost his job if she was worried, she said with cheerfulness in her voice, “No, we’ve just come from the bishop’s office. We are full-tithe payers.” Now, it is still too early to tell, but I felt assured as they seemed to be assured: “Things will work out.” Tragedy did not erode their faith; it tested it and strengthened it. And the feeling of peace the Lord has promised has already been delivered in the midst of the storm. Other miracles are sure to follow.
The Lord always suits the relief to the person in need to best strengthen and purify him or her. Often it will come in the inspiration to do what might seem especially hard for the person who needs help himself. One of the great trials of life is losing to death a beloved husband or wife. President Hinckley described the hurt when Sister Hinckley was no longer at his side. The Lord knows the needs of those separated from loved ones by death. He saw the pain of widows and knew of their needs from His earthly experience. He asked a beloved Apostle, from the agony of the cross, to care for His widowed mother, who would now lose a son. He now feels the needs of husbands who lose their wives and the needs of wives who are left alone by death.
Most of us know widows who need attention. What touches me is to hear, as I have, of an older widow whom I was intending to visit again having been inspired to visit a younger widow to comfort her. A widow needing comfort herself was sent to comfort another. The Lord helped and blessed two widows by inspiring them to encourage each other. So He gave succor to them both.
The Lord sent help in that same way to the humble poor in Alma 34 who had responded to the teaching and testimony of His servants. Once they had repented and were converted, they were still poor. But He sent them to do for others what they might reasonably have thought was beyond them and which they still needed. They were to give others what they would have hoped He would give them. Through His servant, the Lord gave these poor converts this hard task: “After ye have done all these things, if ye turn away the needy, and the naked, and visit not the sick and afflicted, and impart of your substance, if ye have, to those who stand in need—I say unto you, if ye do not any of these things, behold, your prayer is vain, and availeth you nothing, and ye are as hypocrites who do deny the faith.” 6
That may seem much to ask of people in such great need themselves. But I know one young man who was inspired to do that very thing early in his marriage. He and his wife were barely getting by on a tiny budget. But he saw another couple even poorer than they were. To the surprise of his wife, he gave help to them from their scanty finances. A promised blessing of peace came while they were still in their poverty. The blessing of prosperity beyond their fondest dreams came later. And the pattern of seeing someone in need, someone with less or in pain, has never ceased.
There is yet another trial which, when endured well, can bring blessings in this life and blessings forever. Age and illness can test the best of us. My friend served as our bishop when my daughters were still at home. They speak of what they felt when he bore his simple testimony around campfires in the mountains. He loved them, and they knew it. He was released as our bishop. He had served as a bishop before in another state. Those I have met who were from his earlier ward remember him as my daughters do.
I visited him in his home from time to time to thank him and to give him priesthood blessings. His health began a slow decline. I can’t remember all the ailments he suffered. He needed surgery. He was in constant pain. Yet every time I visited him to give him comfort, he turned the tables; I always was the one comforted. His back and legs forced him to use a cane to walk. Yet there he was in church, always sitting near the door, where he could greet those arriving early, with a smile.
I will never forget the feeling of wonder and admiration which came over me when I opened the back door at home and saw him coming up our driveway. It was the day we put out our garbage cans to be picked up by city workers. I had put the can out in the morning. But there he was dragging my garbage can up the hill with one hand while he balanced himself with a cane in his other hand. He was giving me the help he thought I needed when he needed it far more than I did. And he was helping with a smile and without being asked.
I visited him when he finally had to be cared for by nurses and doctors. He was lying in a hospital bed, still in pain and still smiling. His wife had called me to say that he was getting weaker. My son and I gave him a priesthood blessing as he lay in the bed with tubes and bottles connected to him. I sealed the blessing with a promise that he would have time and the strength to do all that God had for him to do in this life, to pass every test. He stretched out his hand to grasp mine as I stepped away from his bed to leave. I was surprised at the strength of his grip and the firmness in his voice when he said, “I’m going to make it.”
I left thinking that I would see him again soon. But the phone call came within a day. He was gone to the glorious place where he will see the Savior, who is his perfect judge and will be ours. As I spoke at his funeral, I thought of the words of Paul when he knew that he would go to that place where my neighbor and friend has gone:
“But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.
“For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:
“Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.” 7
I have confidence that my neighbor made it through his trial and will face his judge with a joyous smile.
I bear you my testimony that God the Father lives. He set a course for each of us that can polish and perfect us to be with Him. I testify that the Savior lives. His Atonement makes possible our being purified as we keep His commandments and our sacred covenants. And I know from my own experience that He can and will give us strength to rise through every trial. President Monson is the Lord’s prophet. He holds all the keys of the priesthood. This is the Lord’s true Church in which we are, with Him, lifting each other and being blessed to succor the fellow sufferers He places in our way. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
As this new year has begun, i want you all to pray and ask heavenly what he needs your to accomplish in this coming year, what you need to find out, how you need to grow, who you need to serve, i promise you all, that if you do this and have FAITH, he will answer you, you will feel his love, you will have the gift of the holy ghost to give you guidance. I promise that if you hearken to the works of our prophets and apostles that you will be happier and have more success in life. I know that they are respresentatives of our father in heaven and through them we can better our lives so that when its are time to return to him, WE ARE READY. I love you all so much and want nothing but the best for you, but i can't force you to do anything, its really up to you. Use his name to its highest potential don't be a fool, get real and be the person you came down here to be. I see my fare share of men and women constantly getting messed up because of PORN( one of the biggest problems here in hong kong, as well as prostitutes), drugs, drinking, all sorts of addictions, work a- holic syndrome, and so many more issues, i know that he gave us these commandments because he loves us and wants us to find happiness in this life. Thats why he gave us all the rules and guidelines to follow and live by. I remember growing up i thought it was nonsense that we have so many rules, but now because of my mission i have come to realize why he has given them to us. There here for us to follow because he loves YOU> I love you and hope that you can figure out your life today. Choose today who you are going to serve, satan the master of all lies and filthiness or Our father in heaven, there is NO INBETWEEN>.
Hong kong is legit.
love elder wright