"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

There have been no missionaries in this area for over 10 years.

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey its time for change!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 10:55 PM

Hey, it's me Elder Wright! How is everyone doing on this fine day! I hope and pray you are all doing amazing. I don't have much time right now, but I just want to let you all know that I am doing amazing. I have a new area, which is beautiful and I have a new companion who is a stud and I have myself who is just jolly and happy as ever. We are loving opening this area up, let me tell you something though, haha it's not the easiest thing to do. There have not been missionaries here for over 10 years. Yesterday we went and tried to visit less actives by just going to their houses and knocking on there doors. Well after 5 hours, we had over 100 less actives slam their doors in our faces. Before we could even say hello, no problem though, because we know that them seeing us was all they neeeded at this tim. They will remember the missionaries that taught them, and then through us they can remember the testimony and feelings they had at their baptisms. I'm not going to lie, it is hard going around tracking for 5 hours, going to houses that at one time they had amazing strong members and not being let into one house. Tough, but its was so much fun, I laughed every time the door got slammed in my face, my companion was just stunned. haha I loved it, because I knew that in those 5 hours, I gave them another opportunity to remember their Father in Heaven and the love that he has for them. I got to get an ice cream after we were done, so thats always a plus. strawberry and vanilla swirl.... what up now. So delicious. haha This week we have had a lot of tracting and finding time, and boy have we seen miracles, too many to share. One though that we can share. So we did weekly planning and I decided before we go to bed we were going to pray together and we were going to ask Heavenly Father to please give us a name of our new "best friend" that we can find tomorrow. We prayed and I recieved his name, Tommy. Well the next day came, we went finding, and it was a long day of rejections and a few great amazing people, just like any other day. Than right before we were about to grab a bite to eat I saw in the distance a young boy, probably 14 years old. I said to my comp, were not going to eat, we're going to go teach this boy first. We start talking to him, cute little thing he is, with quite the attitude. And we're sharing with him our purpose as missionaries and what we do, then we got into our loving Heavenly Father and how he loves every single one of us, that you my friend and elder ng are from China, I am a white person from america, but that matters not, because we are brothers and are here for the same reason, to prepare ourselves to return to live with Heavenly Father one day. To help us progress and learn all that we need to know so that we can have an eternal family. Well, he didn't have much to say for a minute, then he looks at us and says, "I am tommy and my mom listened to the missionaries 10 years ago and hasnt been able to find them since." Well this is just one of the names we recieved this week. I also received Adam, a-lahm, Thomas, and Jeff. We recieved these names every night and have found each of them the next day. I testify to all of you that h.f. listens to our prays that He will answer them if you are worthy to recieve the answer you are looking for, if you have faith, you can do anything. He loves us and knows each of us individually. He's aware of each and everyone of us and wants the best for us. Never forget that. Sometimes you may feel as if your are alone in this big world today, but remember you are not. He is here with you day in and out. This week I have felt like I have talked to my Father in Heaven even more than my companion, because I know that he will listen to me. I know that he loves me, I know he wants me to have succes and expierence trials because he wants me to learn and grow and be able to help and serve others as they go through similar circumstances. He wants me to prepare for my future, through the trials he gives me and I am so grateful for each and every single one He gives me. I love them! Elder Ng and I are loving it and so grateful for all we have been given. We love each other and our area. We love our ward. We love this time He has given us to serve him. I hope you can all find ways to help our brothers and sisters to have the same opportunity we have to have an eternal family. I hope you can find ways to serve everyone and love everyone for who they are! love them for their mistakes and love them for their rudeness. ha ha
love elder wright
1 nephi 3:7
If you have desires to serve, he will lead you to where and what you need to do and go.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting a new area in North Hong Kong.....

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Re: Let the computer stalking begin.....
To: "jolene wright"
Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011, 8:59 PM

Hey, i'ts Elder Wright, and boy has a lot happened here in Hong Kong, new companion, new area, moving across half the world ( well maybe thats what it felt like because my suit cases each way 200 pounds a piece. haha bless my heart, every other missionary has a suit case normal sized and then a carry on, well I have 3 extra large suit cases and 2 carry ons, no joke... haha so yeah moving was quite the adventure since I moved as far as I could away from civilization, just imagine it, me Elder Wright 14 billion areas, with all my suit cases on 3 trains, 2 boats and a trolly all in one day, quite the image! Everyone around me was just stunned, including the new companion that barely speaks english and weighs about the size of my left pinky toe, haha ). So leaving Kwun Tong was possibly one the hardest things I have ever done in my whole life. The friends and family I have there are people that I will never forget and hope that I will always have contact with. They are all so amazing and have changed my life in the most dramatic way. I love them all so much and miss them right now more than anything. As missionaries, we are not allowed to call people and members from our previous areas, because the Lord has given us a new area to focus on, so..... I can tell you this is going to be a huge trial of my faith. Just relying on the Lord to take care of them and relying on Him to do everything in his will for them, I have the faith he will take care of them, because I know how much I love them all, I can't even imagine how much He loves them. I can call all of my recent converts once a move, well I have already failed, because Vincent, Mary, Marc, Tyron, Lambert and Harry have all already called me. Few emails from a few of them saying, that if I wasn't going to teach them and be there with them, then they will no longer come to church and hear the lessons, so I ask all of you just to pray for them that they will continue listening and developing their desires to come unto Christ and be baptized. I know that each of them is so different, but the amazing thing is that this gospel, this message can bring anyone together no matter what language you speak, what cultures you grew up in, where you were born, what color your skin is, if you have money or don't, this message makes anyone feel like they have finally found a home, where they can get away from the world and make friends that really do love them and support them and that have a desire to help them. I know that the past 6 months I have spent in Kwun Tong I have made so many amazing friends that I will never forget, they are not only my friends right now, but my friends for all eternity. They are people that have changed my life, that have helped me develop my testimony and faith, and desire to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I'm so grateful for all you that have helped me, especially all of you in Kwun Tong right now. Know that I love you and will never forget you, I will always pray for you, and maybe i'll sneak out of my area and visit you soon. p-day? probably. My last companion, I have to tell you was amazing. Elder Fogt and I had so much fun, more fun then I have ever had in my whole life, and not only did we have a blast, but we also had so much succes and so many miracles. I'm so grateful for him and all that he has taught me and shown to me. I know that I at the beginning was pretty hesitant to serve with him, I know the Lord knows who we need to be with because we will learn something from him, it may be hard, but its beyond worth it. I learned so much from him and love him so much. He called me last night just to see how it was going up here in the north and I can tell you the relationship we have is like that of brothers, and because of that relationship and the unity we had while serving together, thats why we had success. It all starts with your desires and then your companionship desires. From there anything is possible. Vincent is the man! He's doing so amazing, recieved the pristhood and soon will be going to the temple. He's a stud. I miss him more than anyone ahah, he's my best buddy here in hong. Enough about the pas,t lets talk about whats going on and what my future looks like. Well tuesday night came around and every tuesday before moves day ( which is always on thursday ) we have move calls, so Elder Fogt and I met with our district of 18, and we usually play a game to find out where we are going, and who are new companion is, well we played the game and not to many changes were happening, alot of companionships were staying the same, then I won and they said, oh Elder Wright, we can't tell you anything, you have to call President Chan in the morning, yeah what, thats not normal. Almost just jumped off the 8 floor of the building.. haha I just wanted to know so bad. Well the morning came and I got a call from the big dog, he said, Elder Wright, how are you? Do you know where you be going Elder Wright? No president, not the slightest idea, well you have a special calling for you , did you know that Elder Wright? How would I know that President? He laughed, he said Elder Wright I need your help in expanding Hong Kongs mission and making a new ward, so you and Elder Ng ( new companion, he is from Hong Kong we started our missions at the same time ) will be starting a new area, we have never done this so its going to be hard, but I know if anyone can do it, Elder Wright, its you, I have faith in you and so does your Father in Heaven. I will give you the address of a new apartment and some keys, you need to find people, make a ward, baptize, and go to work. beep beep beep. Well thanks President Chan ahah and where do we start? Well thats what I'm doing, I will be in the very north of Hong Kong, starting with nothing opening a new area up, starting with no investigators or anything, haha I'm so stoked I am just smiling so big right now. Today is the first day and I can't wait to get out there and talk to everyone. My companion is a stud. He's a small little thing, but his testimony is unlike any other. He's amazing. So I'm excited to serve with him. So excited. One problem is his english is ok la. haha So I'm hoping he can help improve my wonderful language of Cantonese, that most people just laugh when I speak. The best part is I just laugh with them. haha. Well thats it for now I got to run. But I love you all so much. haha pray for me I'm going to need it.. big time. love you all so much. ctr. and go to work. Have faith and anything is possible. Serve everyone. Love everyone for who they are. Read the bom daily, so important. keep em commandments and listen to the words of the prophet.
love elder wright

smile. be grateful for all you have.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey yallllll.......

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: this week be likeeee
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 4:02 AM

hey yalllll
This week be like ooo aahhhh freakin fantastic. Time is flying next week I will be in a new area with a new companion. It's going to be so hard to leave this area. I have put my all into this area and the people that live here. I love it here more than anything. I have been serving in kwun tong for 6 months now and have met so many amazing individuals that I will never forget and they of couse will be life long friends and family. I have learned so much while living here knowing that this area and these people are preparing me for my next area and my new friends, I am so excited to see new things and places, make new friends, and move on, but I can't tell you, words can't describe the love I have for this area and my friends here. It's going to be so difficult to leave them all behind, but I will never loose contact with them, so that is always a comforting factor. They are my brothers and sisters and I will never forget them, just like heavenly father never forgets ANY of us. Jesus left the 99 to search for the 1, as would I would do for any of them. As we should all strive to do for everyone of our brothers and sisters, no matter what circumstances they have or come from. He would do anything for anyone, He died for all, we should be able to say that we would do the same. Our lifes purpose is to follow His example so that we can return to live with him again. Hey guess what, I love you guys. I'm sitting in a Indonesian computer center, just getting yelled at in a language that is not comprehendible to my ears. Who knows whats going on or how much longer I will have access to this computer, but I'm grateful I have had these 5 minutes to email. This week has been amazing. I can't tell you how amazing it has been. I have never seen or heard so many miracles in all my mission. I remember a few weeks ago I told you about one of my best friends that got antied really bad ( happens a lot here ) anyways I called him last thurs after email and talked to him, just said I love and miss him hope we can talk one last time before he drops us, he said okay, we had a meeting with him on friday, grabbed some faahn and baau ( chinese food ) and headed backed to eat and talk. Well we had an amazing lesson, I can't tell you why this lesson was more amazing than any other lesson I have had this week, but by the end all three of us witnessed Gods hands in us missionaries and with in the life of our best friend. Not only did we know that it was h.f. but he also did. I can't tell you about this miracle because of the details that happened, but trust me that the spirit was there and through the spirit he was converted. We did not give up on him and because we didn't give up, he has found out that this is gods church on the earth today. We had our lesson on friday and planned on playing soccer with him on saturday morning. Welp, saturday morning came after our lesson and he ran up to us, with the hugest smile I have ever seen and said Elder Wright and Elder Fogt, through you two, HeavenlyFather talked to me, I prayed last night and recieved my answer that I have been striving for, for 5 months now. He has answered me and I would like to be baptized on april 10 2011. I can't tell you the chills that went through my body at the time or how strong the spirit was. But I know that we all are so loved by our Father in Heaven, He knows us individually and wants the best for us. He will NEVER give up on us. As we should never give up on our families and friends, maybe they aren't making the best decisions in life and you don't agree with the choices they are making right now, but h.f. has put you in their lives because He trusts you, He has faith in you, that you won't give up on them and that through you, you can help them rearrange their lives in a way that is pleasing to Him. He trusts you. He loves you. He wants you to help your brothers and sisters.
We also had a baptism this week. His name be Marc. I have told you about him and his amazing testimony. He's a stud. Usually when our friends get baptized we tell them to invite family and friends, but usually no one will ever come. But it was different for Marc, his mom came and brought all of her christian friends. Pretty scary for our ward members haha, but it didn't matter what church they went to, what they believed in, what they thought about us and our beliefs, but all she knew at the time of his baptism was that he had made the right choice and that she could be something that she has never felt of before and that was the holy ghost. So amazing. She was forever grateful for us two missionaries and couldn't have been more appirciative towards us. She wouldn't stop thanking us, she came up to me and said waih jeung loug ( chinese name ) " my son, over the past three weeks has changed so much, he is so happy now, he's willing to help and serve others, to love his family and spend time with us, he respects me and my husband, I can't tell you why he's changed so much but I do know its because of your teachings and this gospel, I love you and I thank you forever am I indebt to you and what you have done with my son." This is amazing. We had no idea Marc wasn't happy and not being a good boy at home, but what we did know was that this gospel could help him be happier no matter what, you can be the happiest person in the world and I promise you this gospel can make you 3242359 times happier. I testify this gospel is here on the earth today to help and guide us, to make us SMILE AND BE HAPPY> it's up to us what we do with what h.f. has given us. It's up to YOU. Marcs mom and her friends invited us over to dinner last night.. and now they have baptismal dates because they felt of the goodness of this message and of the Holy Hhost. miracles.
Tyron.... tyron be resurrected! woohoo. haha another one of my best friends here in Hong Kong, he's 18 and a rad little guyy. ( he's the one standing next to me in the ice skating pictures the chinese one of course hahaha ) He loves to hang out with us, we met him about 2 months ago. Taught him the gospel and eventually he just liked to hang out with us and didn't have much interest in learning more, just wanted to chill but ya know what happened this week, we threw down on him, we were bold and to the point, we were HONEST with him. He like lamb ( the one i talked about before we was antied yeah his name is lamb dont ask. ) was antied too, haha who isn't these days, satan has a great grasp over those who are trying to listen to what they know is right and true, he's going to try even harder to make them have no interest in hearing this message. But the holy ghost has a dominate strength that can over come satan and his temptations within a second of being in the room. Thats exactly what happened with Tyron, because we were straight up with him and honest he could feel our love for him and know that the only reason we are missionaries is because we want to help others, we love everyone, and want to help and serve everyone in the best way we can and that is through sharing this message with them. He realized that during our lesson, he felt our concern for him and our love for him and his commitment was to pray and read the b of m, so i'll give you guys an update on him and his progress next week. Being honest in all of our doings is so important, it's hard to have clean and nice thoughts all the time, I'm the worst I always have sarcastic things to say about people or what they say, so one thing I've been working on is trying to clean up my brain a little bit ( ha its needs a lot of work and its going to take years haha ) because I know that h.f. knows every thought and remark we think and say even if we don't say it out loud he knows... aiyyyaaa. haha. well I love you all and know we can work together to serve everyone and love everyone. We're all in this together, ( just like highschool musical says ahahhahaha I just died laughing how gay is that movie, oh man bless my heart) but I truely know that we really are all in this together, we are one big happy family and are on this earth at this time for each other. Keep up the smiles and the good work. every member a missionary. tag or not. You are a missionary. love you all. smile and pray for all em in japan. so sad.
love elder wright

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Therefore, I never want to get married.....ha ha

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey hey hey
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 2:00 AM

leih to the hou to the mah? How are you all doing this week, I hope fantastic. I hope you just have a huge smile on your face as I do. man oh man. It's been a week of you could say, that as to a roller coaster ride... haha, but it's been full of miracles and full of so many amazing opportunities to help and serve others... including my companion haha. wowwee. My comp decided this week while we were playing basketball that he wanted to sprain his ankle, so he did and we ended up in the hospital from 8pm-6am. So that was an experience that I never want to partake in again. Hong Kong medical system is beyond jacked up haha. they need a little bit of help. Elder Fogt for the first day used a walker, yes like an older grandma walker and then the next day after that, we got him some crutches. But its been amazing to be able to serve him during this past week, it really has showed me what a marriage will be like. so therefore I never want to get married. haha jk. But serious, it is so difficult and stressful. Can't imagine havin them little children around screaming and yelling and fighting, as well as a wife. woww. haha. just kidding I can't wait for it, but maybe well give it a little while. Well this week has been a blast, it really has. We have seen so many miracles. We have a baptism this week his name be Marc, hes 15 years old and so legit. I found him 2 weeks ago, so you could say that he is GOLDEN haha he really has the strongest testimony and is the most amazing young man I have ever met. He got anti so hard by his family and his friends, but yet because he knew that our father in heaven loved him and that this was his only true and full gospel on the earth today, that he was going to continue to develop his testimony and he when his friends and loved ones antied him, what did he do? He shared his testimony with them, it was one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever seen or heard, just about brought me to tears as he shared with his parents his testimony his beliefs and his new lifes ambitions. His families and friends heart were soften and now they no longer talk bad about this church, but have more interest in learning more about it. Because a 15 year old boy shared his simple, but yet so divine and powerful testimony. This shows to you that your testimony can and will go so far in someones life. It does not have to be this huge overwhealming testimony with tons of memorized scriptures, but by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. He told them that god loved them and that j.s. restored this gospel to earth today, because heavenly father wants us to know how we can prepare ourselves to return to live with him once more. That through the plan of salvation we can and will have eternal families, families that can be together not only through this life but for time and all eternitiy, yes forever. That was it. So simple, but so magnificient in the eyes of our heavenly father. Thats all they needed to hear and to see his emotions and his love. They felt through Marc the love of our savior Jesus Christ. They knew that Marc had been answered, and recieved a witness that this church is true. Just like Marc you too know that this is the only true church on the earth today. You too know that when we share our testimonies with others, we will recieve blessings that we can't comprehend. I promise to all of you, that when you share your testimony the gates of heaven open and the gift of the holy ghost is there with you to testify to those around you that h.f. loves them and is aware of them at all times and in all places. I have an amazing friend, I have grown up with her, we have been through thick and thin, she is not of this church or religion, that doesn't bother me at all, I love her like my sister, and I know that one day she will listen to the missionaries and she will find out for herself that this church is true. She like a lot of my investigators go to another christian church. they know not why there church is not the fullnes and most correct. Do you know why they don't know, because no one has shared with them the divine powerful, strong, life changing message of our beloved jospeh smith. I will give you a quick back ground about joseph as I do everyday in my lessons I teach. Most of you know when jesus was on this earth, he was a prophet ( so if he is a prophet he does also have power and authority to lead and guide us to recieve revelation for you and I) and a leader, our brother and our friend, he to restored heavenly fathers full gospel to the earth at that time, he called 12 apostles to help him share this message with everyone to hear. They as well, got baptized and baptized thousands. why would our perfect example our brother Jesus Christ need to be baptized if he was perfect? That is because he is our example and through him we can know what we need to do to return to hf. He also, with the help of his apostles organized the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but as you know many persecuted him and his apostles leading to the atonement which makes it possible for all us to return to our heavenly fathers presence again. Through the atonement we can all be forgiven of our sins because none of us are perfect. Then after the death of Jesus Christ and his apostles because no one had that authority to lead and guide us as his apostles and himself had god, withdrew his power from this earth for a long period of time.( during this time, religion was of great excitement and many because they had the bible established their own church on their own beliefs.have you ever wondered why this earth has so many different churches today? That is why there are so many other christan and other churchs on the earth today. ) Until the year of 1820 when a young man had a desire to know which of these churches is true on the earth today. Because his family members and friends all went to different churches, causing a great confusion in this young man, not knowing where he himself needed to go to church, so we tried them all. Then he read in the bible one scripture that had a profound effect on him. St John 1:5. after reading this scripture he thought he needed to do just that. So he went to a peaceful quiet area near his house and prayed having a miraculous experience. hf and jc appeared to him telling him that, on the earth today the true church can not be found, but through you joseph smith, you will restore the full gospel back to the earth. It took years for him to do this. He like Jesus Christ was, as well a prophet and gods authority as well. Restored our church to this earth today. Many wonder what the differences are between our churches and other christian churches. Today, we have a prophet leading and guiding us today, we have the priesthood power, and we have this amazing life changing book that is more correct than any other book on the earth today, called The Book of Mormon. I testify to all of you that this church is true and the Joseph Smith restored this gospel back to the earth for us today, because hf lvoes us so much. he wants us to feel his love and guidance in our daily lives and we can and do through this gospel and through this message. Lindsey I hope that you can find out for yourself that this message is true. I know growing up, I wasn't the best example to you, I myself had no testimony, I doubted and didn't like keeping the commandments, I thought it was all to much, as I look back that was a regret in which I hold against myself. I know that I can repent though. I know I've made mistakes and I'm not perfect. But I do know that if you come unto our father in heaven and ask him if this message is true, you too will know it, for yourself. I just sat and wrote this message for an hour because I love you and I know that you have your agency to accept it or not, but I want you to be a part of my family and to return with us to live with our h.f. again and there is only one way you can do that. It is through this message I have shared with you. It's taken me years to do this and I don't know why. But right now I feel like its time. You are ready. I know you are. For all of you wondering if this mesage is true, findout tonight. It's up to you. well, hong kong is great. recently I have been getting anxious about moves, I don't want to move, I love kwun tong, my friends and family that I have met here mean the world to me and I do not want to leave them. It's going to be so hard, but I know that there are more waiting for me. So I'm ready for whatever h.f. has in store for me. The weather has been crappy. Raining everyday. I'm ready for summer. mh sai dung tin hei. haha. okay well. read em scriptures. pray. and serve everyone you can. love you all so much. ctr.
love e wright.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hello ya' all!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2011, 3:45 AM

hey hey hey,
It's me your one and only missionary in Hong Kong. Elder Wright. These last few weeks have been utterly amazing, full of so many miracles, and you know what comes with miracles? TRIALS. haha, It's so true. I'm so grateful for all the experiences that I'm having on my mission, I am continually learning and developing myself into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. With trials come opportunities to learn and grow, to develop our testimonies, so that we can prepare ourselves to return to our Father in Heaven again. He's waiting for us. He gave us this time right now to be here on earth to prepare our selves to come back to help and serve all those we can. Making this life experience the best, happiest, most enjoyable time that we can. He loves us so much that he gives us trials. Recently our investigators have been doing amazing. We have a few right now that I love so much. They are truely my best friends. They have taught me so much. We have others that I love just as much and that I want to help more then anyone. But as of right now, they are not willing to change, its not their time. That scares me because we gave them the opportuinty and they denied it. Thats upon their shoulders now. We did all that we could and thats all that matters. But at the same time I feel like I could have done more, that its my fault, I didn't say what they needed to hear, that its because of my companion and I, that, that person didn't come unto Christ. For a couple of days I felt pretty down, just because I loved this person so much, he was my brother, his life was upside down, and I know that this gospel could have worked miracles, it could have given him the peace that he was looking for, a sense of direction and knowing and so much more, but because he said he wasn't willing to continue to see us and listen to this spectacular message, he ll never know the fullness of what we have to share. I felt like that it was my fault. We had been seeing him for almost 3 months and he was amazing. Always showed up to appts and always kept all his commitments, came to church, prayed and read, he was really just the coolest nicest guy I know. but as of right now, he will no longer be listening to this message. He knew it was true, he testified it to us, and told us that he has felt the spirit several of times and yet he still denied the truth. I didn't really know why, I honestly still don't comprehend why he has dropped off, but what I do know, is that he is Heavenly Fathers son, Jesus Christs' brother and my brother, I'am not going to give up on him because I know that my father in heaven will never give up on any one. He loves everyone no matter what. He never will look at anyone any different. He loves us for our mistakes, and sins, he loves us when we share this message with everyone, he will never stop loving us for who we are. He is the only and the only one we has such an ability. As humans our nature is to judge others, is that fair? Is that what we came down here to do? Have you ever looked at someone or heard something about some one and just thought that there is no hope for him, he's not going to go anywhere in life, he should just give up now, or have you ever thought that about yourself? You know who is giving you these thoughts? satan. This is what he wants you to think and do, but you know what we need to do. Because I know that I still do this all the time, its just a part of life to judge yourself and others, to look down upon yourself/others, but we need to get over it. We need to love everyone, for who they are, and who they can become. There and so many people in the world today that are waiting to hear from you, to hear this message, and to have a sense of direction. There are so many lost and don't know whats right or wrong, good or bad, for instance me before my mission, I never knew what I should do and when I should do it, but you know who does know? Heavenly Father, through prayer we can know all that he wants us to do and become, how we can help others come unto him. As I look at my life in utah I saw a lot of corruption and evil things going on, every single day. And let me tell you, about 90% of them were members of this church. They know better, I knew better, yes we make mistakes its apart of life, that is why Heavenly Father sent his only begotton son down to the earth to atone for ours sins because he knew that we werent perfect ,never will be, but through his son and the love he had for us, he made a plan for us to return to live with him in complete joy and happiness. It starts with ourselves, today too many people have a lack of confidence and faith with in themselves, how can we overcome this? Lets talk for a few second, I am constantly seeing invesigators and the main issue that comes up in our talks and lessons is money. They and I know most people around the world think that money is the most important thing and will bring you eternal happiness, well you are all wrong. They think that money can bring them friends, a nice living style, happy family enviroment and a way to succeed and be better than everyone else. They think that because they don't have the new hottest thing that they are worth nothing, they walk around thinking, what is everyone thinking of me right now, with there heads looking down to the ground going through life with no purpose except to have money to be happy. Well heres the deal... money means nothing to me and it should'nt mean anything to you. yeah the essentials are nice, your daily needs and thats about it. If you know why YOU ( YES YOU ) are down here on earth then you will see the bigger picture, you will find ways to help others see this picture. My family and I have gone through trials and trials with money and you know what, its harder than heck, but you know what, we knew at all times that we had each other, we relied on each other during those times, we developed a closer family relationship during those times, we became an eternal family that wants to live with each other for time and eternity during those times, we have desires to help others because we knew what it felt like to not have money, but at the same time, we were loving every second of it, we made the best of it, yeah its hard and sometimes you will have arguments ( we had our fair share ) but you know, you grow through those times, you become who he wants you to become if you have those desires, and goals. Because yeah, you can grow and learn from these times but you know what, you can also fail and tumble down the hill at those times, thats not what he wants, that is satans plan. He wants you to fall and bring an army with you. But you know what, do not give in rely on h.f. to help you, I can testify to you that he is listening he is there for you at all times and in all places. one of my r.c.s she called me and the bishop, told me that she has 3 days to find a house shes being kicked out, shes in debt 20000 dollars and has no money to move or do anything, the bishop didn't know what to do, she has 3 sons, they were about to be living on the streets, we together prayed and fasted, a situation that went from the most disatorious trial turned into the most amazing miracle, do you know why? FAITH. she relied on him and he answered, she remained happy everysecond, she was the mom she needed to be to her sons, she didnt let it harm her or her family because she knew h.f. would help her. yes hes not always going to be there in a snap of the fingers, but he will answer and help you. Trials they are here with us everyday of our lives. I testify that to you . haha, we feel them more than anyone as missionaries, we get stood up almost 4 times a day, we get beat, things thrown at us, yelled at ( every day ), and so much more, but that doesn't harm our spirits because we can say that we know that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, that He loves us so much, and these brothers and sisters are the ones that we need to serve because they know not of this gospel and their Father in Heaven, they know not of the potential they and their families have, just as all of you do. Families they are the most important thing we have on the earth today. I love my parents sisters and dogs so much. They truely mean the world to me. I love them with all my heart and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family. They are the worlds best family. We are here for each other through thick and thin, hardships and happiness, I know that we will return to live with him again because I have faith and I know they do to ( if you dont please pick up your game and start developing it now, hahaha ). I love you guys so much all of you. You are all my family, and you know what , we need to start helping our family get bigger and bigger, through sharing this message and loving and serving ALL> share your testimony with all to hear, its the best way to develop it and for others to feel of the spirit because the spirit can not be felt if you don't share it with them. Its up to you. Baptisms are doing great. My recent converts are doing great. Already have one less active hahaha dang it! It's because he moved where there is no church in main land and no way to communicate with him. It's hard but I have faith that he will come back only because I know he felt the holy ghost in his life. I love you and know h.f. is waiting for you to pcik your game up. Have faith. have confidence, who gives a hoot what anyone thinks about you. Get over it, the only thing that matters is what h.f. thinks of you. Be yourself, heavenly father gave you, your individual personality so you can share it with others. Don't hide it or change it to fit in with anyone. Be yourself. love you all. have a great week. do an act of kindness and eat a burrito.
love elder wright.
so many miracles are happening here in hong kong, i cant wait to tell you all some stories when i get home. life changing miracles. never give up, never. never doubt.