"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyond amazing....

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From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
To: Jolene Wright
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 5:47 AM
Subject: Weekly Yehhh

Hey it's Elder Wright, and I am doing beyond amazing. Today was just one of the best days I have had at the temple since being here in Hong Kong. My summer missionary asked if I would do baptisms for the dead with him, we regularly as missionaries are not allowed to do this. So I sent my companion up to do an endownment session and went forward with my summer missionary to go ask if I could join him. The temple president said because no one else could do it, that I would be able to go with him. We were able to give so many of our ancestors this wonderful opportunity to accept this gospel into their lives. As I was baptizing Brother Yihm ( benjamin ) the spirit was so strong, and as I took him into the water, every time I was able to witness the smile on the persons face up in the spirit world and feel of their love and how grateful they were for worthy members to be able to give them this blessing that would now allow them to enter into Spirit Paradise. It just made me really remember how important the work that happens through out temples in the world really is. For the past year and a half I have done an endownment session everytime and as each time comes and goes I seem to get more sleepy and sleepy every time. But today was special. I really came to realize the importance of this work. Therefore I remember why I was doing this work, and who I am doing it for. We represent them, do you remember your first time, the feelings that you had? The spirit that burned strong with in the chambers of your heart? That's what we need to feel everytime, as we do it for them, their first time. What a blessing it is for us, to help these celestial beings keep progressing on their way. Sometimes we forget why we are here, what we are to do, who we are to become, and how we can accomplish all that Heavenly Father has in store for us. Let us remember we are down here on his time, to represent him and do all that we can to help our brothers and sisters, his children, to prepare to return to him once again. He is counting on us. He is counting on YOU!
This week has been just fantastic. Miracle after miracle, has just come into our lives. We first of all, have the most amazing summer missionary, I'm so grateful for the opportunity Heavenly Father has given to the young men and women here in Hong Kong to be able to serve with us, full time missionaries, not only does it give them an opportunity to grow and learn, adapt to the missionary life, but 100% of the time it molds us missionaries into powerful, effective tools in the Lords hands. I have learned and grown so much with each summer missionary I have had and I love them all so much. The youth here in Hong Kong are unlike any other youth in the world. They are so strong. All of them are the only members in their individual schools and not only do they stand strong, give impecable examples of christ like love to all, THEY INVITE ALL TO COME UNTO CHRIST, they share their testimony, they aren't scared of what others think because of how new the church is over here, they know that EVERYONE needs an opportunity like they had to partake in this heavenly message. They know that if they dont give it to them no one will, that in the afterlife their friends, classmates, family members, work collegues, and others will come up unto them and ask them why didn't you tell me of what you had in your life? They don't want that, and they know how to share their testimonies. I just love the youth over here and am so grateful for all that they have taught me, it really has had a large impact of my life.
This week we have had one large miracle that I would love to share with you. So I want to share with you all the little miracles that lead up to this large, life- changing miracle. To start, I have my toes, my finger nails, my nose, my eyes, my sight, sense of belonging, my own personality, my health, fresh air to breathe, the book of mormon, this amazing gospel message to share with all, a man named joseph smith, my savior, redeemer and brother, Jesus Christ, my Father in Heaven, Thomas S. Monson, other church authorities, other missionaries through out the world and here in Hong Kong, music, the bible, the restoration, the plan of salvation, my house, my food and money, and so much more. All this leads up to the amazing miracle that I have to serve here in Hong Kong, to serve right now in Dai Po and Tai Wo. About three months ago as I served with Elder Palfreyman I remember a night in paticular that we were contacting on the streets, getting rejected and rejected and rejected and went home miserable and happy, including every other emotion that comes with rejection feeling like failures to our Father in Heaven. We gave out a lot of materials that night, but did not recieve any phone numbers or names. Well, on monday night I got a call from a member saying there is a young lad at our church right now that has a pamphlet with your name and number on it and wants to talk to you. So Elder Wu, Benjamin and I run to our church thinking who could this be. We get there and the first thing he says is sorry. We were all so confused why he said that. So we go inside to give him a tour of our beautiful chapel and to continue to talk with him. He says 3-4 months ago when I saw you I was having a horrrible day, I wanted to die. You gave me the plan of salvation pamphlet and your number, you made me laugh because your chinese isn't that great and you are funny. Sorry I rejected you then, but I've prayed liked it taught me to in the pamphlet and God told me this is what I need in my life. So we have been teaching him every day for a week now, he will be baptized in two weeks. It showed to me, that there will be a lot of rejection in our lives, whether it be in missionary work, or our real jobs, our children or schooling, there will be rejection. But it's always for a reason, it's apart of the plan, and Heavenly Father has promised us, if we continue onward ( endure to the end ) then He will continue to guide and bless our lives beyond our wildest imaginations. I know that heavenly father is there and he is aware of all of his children. He loves us all so much and just wants the best for each and every single one of us, what if I wasn't worthy that night and today, would KAY still be alive today? Are you worthy to represent him and to help those in need? What does endure to the end mean to you? How can you better your life so that it's more pleasing to our father in heaven? HE IS COUNTING ON YOU>
All of my investigators are doing great, I love them all so much and would do anything for them. They are what is keeping me going, they are the reason I am still here today, they are my inspiration, my motivation, my drive, they are what keeps me breathing from day to day. What is yours? How can you keep developing your testimony? The best proven way is to SHARE it with others. You may feel inadaquate to share your testimony thinking, " its' not strong enough," or " my testimony is not worth sharing, it's really just too simple and not complex like all of the other members of my ward or stake. " I promise you some one right now in your life is counting on you to share your simple testimony with them, they need to hear it so they can know how to keep progressing to recieve an eternal family and return to live with him again. My area is great, I have now been here for almost 6 and a half months, it's really long, at the same time it's amazing. I have gotten to know my members on a very close relationship and have been able to gain their trust in missionaries and have a desire to help and love us. What a joy it is to work with them. My comp and I are doing great. It will be interesting to see what happenns with move calls in 2 weeks. I love this little guy, he has just improved and become the most amazing missionary ever. All my recent converts and investigators truely are my life right now and I love them. I know that this work in which we are doing is that of what the Lord has in mind of us to do. I know that he calls upon the " weak and unlearned to thrash the nations with the spirit ," because I am weak and I am unlearned, but at the same time I know with the Lords hand in my life, I can do anything.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's a long one...making up for 3 weeks of no letter!

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Date: Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 11:50 AM
Subject: This week
To: Jolene Wright

This week has been magnificent, we have had our annual yearly mission tour, this year we had an amazing opportunity to be in the presence of three members of the quorum of the seventy, Elder Watson, Elder Gong, and Elder Wong. All three of them, within the last two conferences gave talks! It was a very uplifting time, we learned how we can become better missionaries and how we can "recongize and understand the holy ghost, within our lives and giving others the same oppt to feel it in their lives." I got a call the night before the mission tour, getting told that my companion and I would be this years subject interviewers. So we had an amazing opportunity to sit down with them and conduct and interview. They asked us questions and we got to know each other on a deeper scale. It was fantastic. I learned so much from this mission tour. Their wives all accompanied them and brought with them just the most amazing spirit, something I have never felt before, the way they conducted themselves and talked is undescribeable. We all learned something that day, the spirit bore witness to all of us, that these three elders have been called of God so serve over the Asia Area, not only did they recieve the gift of tongues, two of them shared with us, their testimonies in languages that they are very unfamiliar with, showing to us, that with faith anything is possible. One talked about jacob and the stones, not only did he talk about it, but brought one of them with him and showed it to us. He told us as this stone glows in the dark, we need to do the same, we need to be the light of the world, at all times and in all places, we need to emulate Christ like love to all and accept everyone for who they are. It showed to us and confirmed to us, that the Lord is there and He answers our prayers. I went into this meeting, asking three questions before hand to Heavenly Father. Having faith all three questions would get answered. They got answered and I got humbled. Funny how that always works out. The Lord works in mysterious ways I promise you that. I do promise you that he is there and he will answer your prayers. As I was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at this conference I prayed and asked Him what to talk about because of how broad this topic was. My topic was, "What can the Holy Ghost do for me, my investigators, members, less-actives, and everyone?" As we read in St. John 14:26, it tells us that it can bring to past a remembrance of the truth of all things, such as the plan that we chose in our pre-earth life. It really can do anything, if you rely on it. I go into talking about the blessings it brings into others lives if we are worthy to have that constant companionship and I told the story of my friend, "Anthony". . . what a miracle that was! That I was worthy at that time to recieve him and find him, and answer his prayers, he had a vision/ dream of me, (I shared this experience a couple of letters ago. Anthony had a dream of my name badge.) If I wasn't worthy to find him.. who would have? As we know the Lord is preparing people for all of us right now to serve, love, and give an oppotunity to partake in this gospel message. When you were baptized you promised to take upon you His name, do you feel like you are living up to him? What can you drop or change in your life, that will enable you to come closer to him, he's waiting for you to help his children, whether it be your own childern or friends, family or relatives, or those that you haven't met at this time that you will in the future, are you preparing yourself? Your testimony? Are you unshakeable? Where is YOUR foundation built, in the unwavering sand or the sturdy unmovable rocks? How can you form your sandy foundation into the the rocks of the Lord? Are you converted to the Lord or the church? He knows, you know, and I'm sure at times you convince yourself that you are converted to Him, but in reality you are converted unto the church, I see it daily as I work with the members. It's a concern of mine, trying to find ways to help them to continue to develop their testimonies, find ways to serve and love everyone, it's hard as time goes on, with my recent converts I have to continue to give them goals and ambtions, things to look forward to, so that they don't give up and they continue to develop their love for God and his perfect church. One is to go to the temple monthly, (yes Ernest monthly!) go to church every week, to partake of the sacrament, to find ways to serve others and let them feel of Christs love through you . My mission has taught me a lot. I have grown and I really am so grateful for this opportunity to be out here in Hong Kong, among my brothers and sisters, living, loving, and serving them. They are close to my heart now, they have had an impact that will and can't ever leave me. It's changed my life in a way that I can't even put into words. It talks in my p blessing that I would serve a mission in an area where my best friends are waiting to find me again, well I can tell you I have found a lot of new best friends because I was able to have that constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Think about what you could do for yourself, your family, your neighbors, your wards, stakes and so many more people, if you had that constant companionship. Pretty spectacular. It is the best gift that we could ever receive. I am so grateful for all of you and all that you have taught me, because growing up I was stubborn and I would say I was not an active member, but now as I see the blessing of this church and what it can do for me, my friends, my family, I would tell everyone that a mission is the best decision I have ever and probably wil ever make in my life. I know that if I didn't go on a mission, I wouldn't have the amazing future that Heavenly Father has in store for me. I encourage you all if you are able to, to start preparing now to serve the Lord. Whether with your husband or wife or alone, whether its in 30 years or 3 months, start preparing now, because the Lord has been preparing people for you for years and years now. Remember with faith, we can speak any language, but the most importnant language is that of the spirit. The spirit is what leads others unto conversion, that helps us, as members to serve others, and to continue to develop our own testimonies. Rely on the spirit. First you need to recognize what it can do for you and everyone else, have a desire to have it, ask for it, have faith you will receive it, look and listen for it, and act upon it (to act is to do ), and than give thanks for it. Remember all that is good is of the spirit. It may be awkward and weird and you may be shy, but get over it, thats what I have learned as a missionary, this isn't our time its the Lords, if he needs our help you best be the first one to help him. As missionaries we run into so many awkward situations that we just think to ourselves, do you REALLY need to talk to them and sometimes we doubt, but I know everytime I have listened to the spirit, miracles have been wrought about and now I listen and act upon it 24 hours, 7 days a week, giving all an opportunity to come unto Christ. Since we are all his children, don't judge anyone love all, they are his children, accept them as He would. No matter what!. I love you all and know you are all amazing. now I want you to go, " thrash the nations with the spirit, calling all unto repentance" go and make the earth trumble and clouds rumble ( with the spirit ) its up to you now...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick update. Really busy right now......

Subject: it be august.

Time has just absolutley flown by. I can't come to comprehend that it is already august right now. So much has happened recently. We have moved apartments, gone through typhoons and floods, we have had a dramatic change in our best friend ( investigator) pool ( loosing old ones and getting new ones ), new companions, district leader, training, and so much more. I have come to realize that everything happens for a reason. Let's start with apartments, we use to live about 5 minutes away from our chapel and in our serving boundaries, now we live 30-40 minutes aways and have to travel everyday, fun fun fun haha. It gives us great opportunties to find on the way to our destinations, so thats a huge bonus. But, it is quite tiring to travel so much. Now for investigator pool, since starting this new english class program it takes up a lot of our daily time, therefore we have lost a ton of investigators. Right now that we have one week off of the english school and Heavenly Father has definately blessed me, and this week alone I have found 5 new investigators through my own efforts which is amazing. So many miracles. Two which are families, so I am just stoked out of my mind. Moving on, since I have very little time, to training and new companion....... He's from new zealand and his parents originate from mainland China, they speak chinese but he doesn't speak a word. He's learning though at an incredible speed. I have one story to share with you about his first day in Hong Kong. We just left the mission home to go back up to our area and got all of his suit cases and on the trains, within five minutes we are looking out the window and we see this man jump and baaaam a train slaughters him into pieces. Welcome to Hong Kong baby. no joke. It was his first day in Hong Kong. Awful! He was stunned as was I. It's so fun to be a missionary and experience new things. First, I had to adapt to the Chinese culture, now New Zealand.. next Africa? haha it's been great, training is just a rewarding experience. I love being able to feel of that fire my new comp has right when you get out of the mtc and the faith they have is just so strong. What a privilege and learning time for me. I'm the trainer, but in this situation I am the one being trained. So grateful. I love serving..... I don't have time to write right now, but next week I'll make it really long with pictures. love you all so much. remember why you are here and what you need to do... read your p-blessing inbetween the lines. Keep smiling to change lives. love you all . elder wright.