"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 5? I don't even know what week it is anymore!

So here is Jeffreys latest email. This was sent this morning, May 26, 2010. Ok, I have a huge confession. I better just get this out of the way. I knew when Jeffrey was going to the temple. He told me he usually goes right after noon. So, since the Mt. Timpanogos Temple is closed, I thought it would be appropriate to go to the Provo Temple. I got there at 11:30 and found the lobby so beautiful, I just had to sit and take it all in. I sat there until 12:20 and you won't even believe who came walking in???? Yes, Elder Jeffrey Wright! Can you even believe it! He gave me the biggest hug ever! He looked fabulous. A little thin, but great! He introduced me to all of his companions. Elder Koyle (clogger), Elder Egbert, Sister Cecil, Sister Black and Sister Clark. They were all darling, wonderful, fabulous! So he is surrounded by amazing companions and friends. He has a great attitude and very excited to get to Hong Kong! I am trying to figure out how to get the pictures he has sent me in the mail onto the blog. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know!

Dear family and friends,
Time is a flying. Unreal. Thank you so much for everything you guys do for me. I have a had a ton of cool expierences this week. There are now only 4 cantoese speakers in the mtc. crazy. Elder christofferson came last night and spoke to us. He was great. But lets be honest. I had no idea he was from the quorem of the 12. Just learning new things everyday. Cool expierence for this week: As i was praying i was asking heavenly father what i need to do to best prepare myself for the hong kong people and if there is any one in paticular that i need to prepare myself for. This may sound a bit crazy but bare with me on this one. In the middle of the prayer i recieved a full name and saw the face of one of my future investigators it was around 1130 at night and it was so amazing. I can honestly tell you guys the power of prayer is true. As long as we have that faith, miracles happen daily. We just have to be looking for them. Well my companions are great. Elder Kolye is a little bit out there lets be honest its not normal to break out in dance/ clogging 24-7 when we are walking to class or to get mail or to eat or just in the middle of our teacher talking and teaching us. Thats odd. But he gets a new companion next week. We are getting a Hong Kong Native next week and our 3 some will be split. Elder Egbert and i are always busy with zone leader stuff. Today we have a large amount of missionaries coming in and we have to talk to all of them and meet individually with them so we can meet there needs and gain there trust. So cool i love serving and getting to know new people. Well i am just going to leave with you my testimony. I know that when i first got into the mtc my testimony was a tad bit shaky but i can tell you know there is not one thing shaky about it. I know this church is true with all my heart. I know that through the atonement we can be forgiven of our sins and mistakes. No one is perfect nor will anyone ever be perfect. Except through the atonement. I know that Joseph smith is a true prophet and he restored the gospel to the earth for you and i. I know that the quorom of the 12 and president monson are true and living seers and revaltors. As i have had the opportuinity to hear from them everyother week i have realized how close they are to our father in heaven. Its so cool. One day ill be there and so will you as long as you try. I love you all and hope that all is well back home whereever that might be. Look for miracles and have that faith to be able to see them they happen daily, you just have to look for them. Never give up. Push forward with a steadfast in christ and anything is possible. GET TO KNOW YOUR SAVIOR. I promise if you do that you will be blessed and you will feel the love that he has for you indiviually. He loves you and knows you personally and knows everything you are going through. GET TO KNOW HIM>
Love you all!
ps. keep writting me. ask my mom for pictures ive sent her a lot!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"I am going to slay you."

Here is the email that I received this morning. My friend Karen Hunt actually saw Jeffrey last night at the MTC. She said, Jeffrey looks great. A little too thin, but he seemed to be doing well! He introduced her to his companions and she said they were darling too! My other friend Karen Nobel, is investigating the blood disorder Jeffrey has. Love the "Karens" in my life!!! We are going to get him all fixed up and as good as new. We've turned a new page! Love it, love it, love it! Here is Jeffreys weekly email......

Who are you?
Why are you here?
What do you wantto accomplish in life?
Are you giving it 110%?
What are all your goals and dreams?
Are you fullfilling any of them?
Do you know your savior?
Though matter how great your bad experiences have been with the world, THERE IS A SAVIOR. If you are afraid, if are afraid for your kids, if you are afraid for your family, for your health, for the economy, for life, for friends and families with illnesses, just come to know your savior. He is there for you at all times of every day and with him you can accomplish anything you want. You can know what you need to do for your family, friends, and self. He is one person you can rely on though matter what. Mosiah 3:20 talks about how the gospel needs to be heard to every nation kindered and tongue. As humans right now we know where every person in the world is, we know every language and where it is spoken, we know every square inch of this world and all people are waiting for is YOU. They are waiting for you to share with them the gospel. They want to know the savior like we know him.They are waiting for that opportunity. They wont have it unless you share it with them. One thing sang that Sister Beeson gave on sunday fireside was that we dont have to be the strongest person, we dont have to have the longest testimony, we dont have to be the most positive out going person, we just have to give it our all and try out best and the lord will give us that helping handing we are looking for. This week has been great. Cantonese is getting easier and easier everyday. My tones well they are getting worse haha. For instance i was giving a lesson to a investigator and and i said the number four which is sei" and i said seii which they sound exactly the same but one means for and the other one means " I am going to slay you " so that was quite funny, my teacher didnt think so but i sure did. The investigator ran out of the room. My companions are cool, elder egbert is rad we get a long quite well, but elder koyle is different he just breaks out in dance clogging all our the place. Its odd but we love him haha. We leave july 5 for hong kong, the days are long here but the weeks are short. And for the food its still like they are trying to feed poor african children. Well thats all for now.
Scripture of the week: Isiah 41:10
Love and miss you all! Thanks for all the letters and prayers. I love you guys all so much.
PS. I got called to be the zone leader. Its sweet. Its a little bit much at times but its fun to welcome everyone and get to know each and every missionary indiviually. Its fun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a good night.

Well, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I was able to speak to Jeffrey today for just a few minutes following his appointment with the hematologist. Jeffrey has a blood disorder. It is called Cyclic Neutropenia. I was able to also speak to Dr. Tudor, his doctor. Jeffrey will go in every week for blood work until he leaves for Hong Kong. He should be totally fine, as long as, his white count stays up. This explains all of the horrible symptoms he has been experiencing. Thank you again to all of you for your love and support. Hopefully we will receive an email from Jeffrey tomorrow on his p-day. As soon as I get it, I will forward it on!
p.s. Jeffrey was also made Zone Leader!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots to catch up on with Jeffrey! Sorry its long!

Well, quite a bit has transpired between the first update from the MTC and this one. Jefrey has had quite a rough time in the MTC. On top of being homesick and trying to learn one of the hardest languages, Cantonese, Jeffrey has not been feeling well physically. At first, our thoughts were that he is so stressed, that is why he isn't feeling well. I received an email last wednesday the 5th of May. I won't share that one with you, it was written to just me letting me know how he was feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was very concerned and called the MTC. I spoke to a wonderful man, President Bertolli (no idea how to spell his name.) He had Jeffrey see the MTC doctor who ran some blood work and several other tests. I then received a call telling me that Jeffreys white blood count was extremely low. Over the period of the next few days, Jeffreys gums started bleeding and then he also noticed bruising going up and down his spine. Crazy symptoms to have while in the MTC. The next step was to get in to see a cancer specialist. All symptoms were of Lukemia or other serious illnesses. (It is amazing how your mind goes crazy at times like this) Jeffrey was seen by Dr. Tudor a hematologist. He, as well, was very thorough and kind. He has reassured us that it is not Lukemia or cancer of any sort. He did quite a few more tests and now we just wait until this tuesday to find results. Dr. Tudor thinks this might be an autoimmune issue or a chronic virus. He really is not sure at this stage. So many friends have been fasting for Jeffrey and praying for him and sending him care packages or writing him. Our family is so grateful for your kindness and love. I know Heavenly Father is very aware of Jeffrey, loves him very much and is watching over him. I realize this is suppose to be a blog for Jeffrey and here I am writing away. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the situation. Every now and then someone makes an impact on your life that will never be forgotten. Words of appreciation and gratitude just don't seem adequate. While we were living in New Canaan, Ct. we met that person. It happened to be our Bishop. Bishop Larson. I know that Jeffrey is still in the MTC, a large part, because of Bishop Larson. He has loved Jeffrey like a son. He writes him every day, if not several times a day. He sends him goodies every day. He prays and fasts for Jeffrey with friends from New Canaan. Here is the email for everyone that we received May 12th, two days before Jeffs 50th birthday. (just had to put that in there!)

It is now my third p-day. Crazy. Time is going by so slow yet so fast and what a joy it is. I have met a ton of rad missionaries from all over the world. Last night we got the opportunity to hear from one of my favorite speakers. Elder Jeffrey R Holland. It was the most powerful amazing unreal talk that i have ever heard. As all of you now i have been struggeling on what i need to do whether its to come home or stick it out. On monday morning as i was saying my prayers something told me. Stay at least until tues devotional it will change you and is meant for you. So thats what i did. We never know who is talking until we get there. Elder Holland gave the most amazing talk on missionary work and my favorite thing about him is that he speaks through the spirit of god. He never writes a talk but just speaks from his heart through the spirit. he said so many things that will never leave my heart. One thing that he really emphazied on is returning home from the mission field. He said there are so many missionaries returning home and becoming inactive. It is his biggest pet peeve. He said " if you come home and become in active in the church i will literally find you hunt you down and punch you in the face". Another thing he said was that the lord and jesus christ are investing everything they have in us ( missionaries ) right now. Something else he said was that " you have more authority and power than all the prime ministers, presidents, and religious leaders around the world. USE IT". He went on talking about how we need to convert at least one person on our missions and that person is YOU. His talk went on and there was never a dole moment in the room. As you know when he talks he makes sure you can here it. He sure teaches with the power and authority. Right now i just wanted to thank you all for the prayers, letters, thoughts, and everything else that you guys do for me. It means so much to me. i wouldnt be here if it werent for you guys. I love you all and hope that your guys are all doing great. Thank you again. It means the world to me. I MISS EVERYONE AND LOVE YOU ALL. My companions are great. Egbert from orem is one of my best friends now. Koyle is a little bit odd im not quite sure if he ever graduated the first grade. And hes a professional clogger. bless his heart. Spiritual Prison is the same. Just lovin it each and every day. Remember: TO BE A MISSIONARY EVERYDAY. YOU DONT HAVE TO HAVE THE NAME TAG TO BRING PEOPLE UNTO CHRIST. Thats all for this week! Be safe and happy and positive and every other joyous thing haha.
Ngoh Ngoi Leih
I Love YOU!
No one tells jokes in the mtc but me.
What is the most confusing day in mexico?
A: Fathers Day! hahahahahahhahaha
What do you call a dog with no legs?
A: It doesnt really matter he cant run to you! hahahahhahah
Those are for you lauren! i love you so much. I miss you guys all more than youll ever now.
ps. I am still pretty tone deaf dont worry about it i get crap about it all the time. 7 tones and still tone deaf than my class is like the mormon tabernacle choir. no worries at all i am loving life!

Elder Wright's' first email for everyone.

First of all, thank you to all of our friends and family that are so supportive of Elder Wright and his decision to serve a mission in Hong Kong, China. This is the first email that was sent to us on April 28th.

Usher: Welcome to the mtc elder
Me: Thank you where you heading to elder?
Usher: Germany
Me: Cool how long have you been in here?
Usher: 7 weeks and its been straight heck i hate it more than life. How long are you in here for?
Me: 12 weeks thank you for the postive note
Thank you everyone for all those that have wrote me letters and sent me packages. It means so much to me and brings just great joy to my day. First rad fact of the week. Last night we got the opportunity to hear from L Tom Perry and his wife in out tues. devotional. Boy was the spirit strong in that room. His main point or topic that he was trying to get across was that the BOM is true. He told some amazing stories and scriptures. My favorite by far was DnC18:15-16. Read it will ya. Its so good. One of my new favorites. Now to the companions. I have two companions not just one. Elder Egbert ( Orem Ut ) i met him while i was out at byu h he was in my ward. Way Cool. Elder Kolye ( Idaho ) he is now our district leader. He is smooth. Our district has 3 sisters and 3 Brothers. 5 of us are going to Hong kong and were all speaking cantonese. Woohoo. Cantonese is a joke. Lets talk about it. I am clearly tone deaf and cant tell a tone if my life depended on it and well cantonese has 7 different tones. ha wow. i just laugh all the time my district gets upset with me they are all very music orientated but than you have me. bless my heart. Now to the caf food. I think they are just trying to prepare if we were all going to africa because it is awful. haha. but well manage. The spirit here at the mtc is so dang strong its amazing. It is by far the strongest i have ever felt it. I am being timed right now and there is a huge red clock on my screen counting down. makes me so nervous haha. INTENSE. This week has had its ups and downs and i love it all. Like our dear friend sister everson said the mtc is like " spiritual prison " i have to agree STRONGLY with her on that one. 11 more weeks in here Wooohoo. I read Alma 17-18 and i never really realized how strong in faith ammon was until the past few days and i am striving to liken myself to be like ammon. I miss my family so freakin much. That by far is the hardest thing right now. One other fact. Dont send emails because i havent and cant ever have time to read them so send them via dearelder.com or via mail. Thank you all for the love that you have showed to me. Youll never know how much it means to me. Well. This is all for now i love you all and hope all is well where ever you are. Make sure to be obedient and pressforward with a steadfast in christ and youll be able to achieve anything.