"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, November 25, 2010


From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Thanks to the giving!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2010, 3:57 AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Its me elder wright haha and no they do not celebrate thanksgiving in hong kong nor have 99% of them even heard of it. Turkey ha no where to be found. nor mashed potatoes or rolls or butter or gravy or stuffing or apple cider or anything that has to do with thanksgiving. Haha but the mission did their own little thanksgiving with the best they could. It was a blast. Since the mission in so small we were able to see everyone and get everyone together from macau ( one of the other countries thats in our mission ), international ( english speaking part of our mission ), and hong kong ( the chinese work ). Its always so great to see everyone. We are now down to around 85-90 missionaries here in hong kong! crazy. My new companion is elder fogt from boston/ alpine utah. Hes way smooth and a hard worker. I have a lot to learn from him as i do every companion. Are investigators are doing great. Jason will be baptized after he meets with president chan. Haha he has to get interviewed with president chan because hes been in jail. But the change that i have been able to see in him has been dramatic, from a gang street fighter to helping us go contacting and teaching lessons all with in such a short amount of time. Miracle. Than Mary and her twin daughters. This will be quite a special baptism might i say. She doesn't want to be baptized in a font, so she told us she had a dream and it was about her place of baptism. She wants to be like jesus and be baptized in the ocean or a river. She has asked me to do her baptism and we have the most beautiful ocean area that it will take place in. It took a lot of asking to allow this, but its all great. I can't wait. Baptize someone in the ocean? so legit. haha and all of our investigators are doing great. i dont have much time or i'd type more about them. Kwun tong ( my area ) is so dang great. the people are so prepared and willing to listen to our message. This week has been full of miracles, as is every other week. One in paticular was last night. We were contacting and about to go meet one of our investigators to teach a lesson and we got a call from one of our less actives we've been trying to re activate. His name is HINHIN and hes about 16 years old and hasn't come to church for a long time, most of his life. Well we were walking to meet our lesson and we get a call. Earlier in the day i had a feeling to check and make sure i had my oil something that i usually dont think about, just assume its in my backpack. But i checked and it wasnt there, so i just got a vile and threw it in my pocket, i didn't know why. Hin hins mom called us 2 minutes before our lesson and said, elder wright this is hinhins mom, ( less active mom and family going through a hard divorce ) and i answered, she said i need you to come to my house and fast we don't know if hin hin is going to make it, his dad doesn't have the priesthood and i want you to give him a blessing. hurry and hung up. We were about 30 minutes away from her house and we just sprinted the whole time in our suits. It was blistering hot. and we got to her house and hin hin is just not looking good at all. looked like death had already took him. Before we gave him a blessing we talked to him about the importance of a blessing and how its dependent on the reicievers faith. and We gave it to him and told him so many crazy miracles. We opened our eyes and he starting talking, just mom bawling, just telling us how much she felt the spirit and knew that whatever happens thats what god wants to happen. Hin hin is doing great now. The only reason that he was able to return to 100% health is because of his faith. I know that faith is something that you hear about every sunday, something that 97% of you over look and don't take seriously. Faith is hoped for and not seen. With faith you can move mountains, with faith you can do as christ and his father can do, with faith you can do ANYTHING. You can heal the sick, make the poor rich, and bless those in need of blessings. I bear testimony to you if you have faith he will answer every question and concern you have. One thing that i have learned on my mission that i have to apply to my life, 24 hours of every freakin single day is never to compare yourself with anyone. He gives us trials and hardships to grow, not to feel depressed, not to be sad, but to make them into opportunties, to achieve the world, to become more like him, to be an example of christ, to develop a stronger relationship with him. He gave you all you have, to show you how blessed you are. We have so much to be thankful for. Right now i just want to say thanks to all my friends, all of them i wouldn't be here if it were for you. theres so many i dont even know where to start. you all have taught me so much, from every single one of you i have learned so much, you have helped me to grow, my own testimony and prepare myself to meet my father again. You are all so amazing and i truely thank you right now. I love you. i want the best for you. i wnat you to have happiness and success in life. i know that you can do that as long as you stay strong in the gospel and rely on jc and hf daily and constantly. they can help you get through anything! I next want to thank all my leaders and teachers in my life. There are a few that stick out in my mind as i write this letter, brother mihu! wow, he put up with my crap for a few years and he inspired me to become a missionary, to really live my life the way hf wants me to, he never pushed me, never forced me, but he was just my friend. day in and out, no matter what stupid things i was doing, he loved me, sister hales shes the best teacher one could have. she loved all her students and she wanted them all to succeed and she didnt care what any one else thought, she would die for her students well being, bishop larson, wow the worlds best bishop ,man i cant say enough good things about him. Reed noble, he always was a great friend to my father and through his example i learned how to treat my good friends and how i want to emulate my christlike love towards all. and theres so many more, but such a short time. all so amazing. if i didnt mention you. just know that i love you and you did change my life. Last but not least, my amazing family. I can't imagine living here with out them. they make me so dang happy. lauren lindsay my mom and dad. wow. i love them more than words can express. they are my greatest mentors in life, great examples. we clearly have the most amazing family on this earth today haha jk. but really. my family has loved me through out my whole life. constantly and i have no doubt if it werent for them i wouldnt be the man i am today. they helped me to find who i am and who i need to be. We went through trials together. We have so many amazing memories that i will never forget. Lauren shes always smiling and loves everyone, she really emulates christlike love towards everyone, she gets along with anyone and really knows how to handle a friendship knows what to say and when to say it, she is bomb diggity, lindsay if you ever need a laugh go to her, she can always make me laugh and lift me up, shes quite an amazing individual and can get through any storm that hf gives her, my mom wow she emulates every freakin christlike attribute there is, you all know how i feel about my mom shes AMAZING, my father the hardest worker i have ever met, he will do anything for his family, his love is like unto the saviors i have no doubt hed do anything for me. He honestly is the best man i have ever met, never will he give up, never will he stop, never will he say never. there is always a way with him it doesnt matter it can and will be accomplished. My grandparents, the wright, they are amazing, always supporting me in everything i do, they will do anything for me and i can rely on them for anything, both of them are so smart and have lived life to its fullest potential. Granmda romney hahaha i love her so dang much. my family is the best thing that has happened and will ever happen to me. It is the center of the message that we share and we are given these families to love, protect and grow together. lil fish keep it strong you are the bomb memories last a lifetime.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"God loves these Chinese people, cuz if he didn't he wouldn't have made so freaking many of them"

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Move number 4
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 11:19 PM

Family and Friends,

I can't believe how fast this last move went by and it was actually the longest move we will have. They extended it an extra week and it went by faster than any move yet. The last move has honestly been the best 2 months of my life. I can't tell you how grateful i am for elder liu and the area. We have worked so hard and built kwun tong up so much. When we got here, they had nothing. Elder liu had been serving here for about 8 months and i was brand new to the area. They had not one investigator, but with our faith, love, and dillegence, that all changed. We became the number one companionship in the entire mission. We worked so hard and had so much fun at the same time. We have made so many friends and loved learning from them and teaching them about this spectacular message. This message we share is so uniquie and unlike anything you will ever hear. It can make anyone feel glad. One thing that i have really focused on this last move was, instead of focusing on guys and teenagers, i tried focusing on families and it honestly has been the best thing. While we still do have a lot of men investigators, being able to watch a family change and grow together has been so amazing. It has changed my life so much. To watch satan work on them and try to drive them away from us, and to see them overcome him and trust in the lord and our message, wokring together has been such a miracle. They aren't just a few people prepared in this world, everyone is prepared! Anyone can be prepared but you have to share this message with them so that they can prepare themself for it. YOU have to have the spirit with you at all times to direct you in your paths, to help you walk the path that hf wants to you walk. Elder liu and i have loved serving with each other and this last week we have made the best of it because we found out that i will be staying in kwun tong to help train a missionary and he will be moving opening a new area in hong kong. Both huge responsibilities, but through this last move we have both grown together and are prepared for this coming move. My new companion is amazing. His name is Elder Fogt from Utah. He lives in Highland. He's way cool, i knew him a little before and we are so excited to serve with each other. It should be excellent. Vincent is doing amazing. He is unreal. He is so prepared but only because we prepared him and SHARED THIS MESSAGE of love and friendship with him. My district is great. The weather in hong kong is cooling down and is suppose to get quite cold, its been really nice not sweating buckets every single day. I love serving so much. My language is coming and im so grateful for that hahah. I can understand a lot more than i can speak. Tones are coming a little slower than i want, but its all good because where he calls he qualifies and i figure i'm doing all that i can and being 100% obedient so thats what the people need to hear right now. We have a few baptisms coming up this week. We have a couple of families and a couple of new rad teenage boys around 19-26 years old. They are all so different. I have really fallin in love with the chinese people. I love them so much. I feel as if i am one of them. This morning we woke up at 4 am and did a hike as a distrcit before we exchanged companions for the last time. We got to the top of Lion Peak and got the opportunity to see all of hong kong and watched the sun rise over 15 million people. I have a funny quote, " God loves these chinese people, because if he didnt he wouldnt have made so freakin many" by: Elder nelson. If thats not funny you need a reality check asap. I about died laughing at that. Because how true is that. I know that hf loves these people and im so glad that through me he can express that love. I am so grateful to be able to serve here in hong kong. A mission was the best idea that i have ever done. It has changed my life for the best and given me so much better out looks on life. We have so much to be grateful for, just to wake up in the morning, to be apart of the only true gospel on the earth. Not everyone has this opportunity to know what we do, you need to share, thats why you have it. If your not sharing it, you are not fufilling your life purpose. Thats why he sent YOU down to the earth, thats why he gave you the opportunity to be apart of this church and if your not sharing it with everyone you know and come in contact with you are a failure. I love you all so much, i want every young man to serve a mission i know it seems long, boring to some, and not worth while, but i PROMISE you that if you give it a try, you will NEVER regret it. Start preparing now. Missionary work was the very first thing talked aobut this last conference. President monsons first address was about missionary work. If you love god, then you will follow the direction that our prophets have given us, they speak for him and if you love him, you WILL follow and do, you will act upon his words. Young men of cedar hills 13 ward or ( whatever the new wards are ) im talking to you right now and all the young men i know. Reality check is that you need to prepare today, right now so that you can be ready to serve the lord when you are 19 years old. Its hard but its worth it. Its so MUCH FUN. I love you and bear testimony to you that hf loves you and is very aware of YOU, he wants you to be happy, to have success, to live your life to its fullest potential, if you dont feel that, that is your fault you need to figure out why, pray to him ask him and he will answer if you have FAITH and a REAL DESIRE. dnc29:6 ( i think could be wrong vincent has my scriptures. I love you all and know as oyu continue on your path, that hf is with you, your path was made for you individually no one else will go through all you do, but he HAS PREPARED A WAY FOR YOU> figure it out and hold tight to the iron rod.
love elder wright.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I can't understand what these dang people are saying!"

Family and Friends,
Yiga ngoh mhhoyih gong yigman gam ngoh yiu gong gwongdungwa. mhhoyihsi. Leihge sing keih ho mh ho a? ngoh ngo leihdeih. This week i am not allowed to speak english all week just cantonese to help improve this freakin langauge. haha. its one of the hardest things ive done. so humbling. so humbling. learning the worlds hardest langauge is an understatement. my tones are still all over the place , lets be honest i can not tell if its high, medium, low, high falling, medium rising, low medium rising, who on earth knows hahah. This week has been amazing. A week full of miracles more than ever. We were contacting one day and a family came up to us asked what we do and why a white person is here. They were very rude at the beginning when talking to me. Quite racist. But as i talked to them and taught them more and more, they opened up they could feel the spirit and came to want to learn more. This mom and two daughters now have a baptismal date in three week. Elder liu and i are doing amazing. best in the mission. We have so much fun and work harder than anyone. My language is coming. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to grow and learn. We learn from the past but we do not dwell on the past. Look for the future. Read alma 26. Ponder it. Find the message within it and apply it to your life. We have vincents baptism this sunday im so excited. He has asked me to do the whole thing. Crazy. He is my first real find and first one i have found on my own and taught him everything. Its going to be such a spiritual amazing experience im really so humbled to know that hf is aware of me and knows who i need to talk to and what i need to do and he really knows us individually and knows what we need. He knows what trials we need. He gives us those trials to learn. Have faith in him. He loves you. I love you. Hong kong is amazing. i ate a lot of new things this week with some weird taste.
1. pigs blood ( coagulated )
2. cow stomach
3. goose intestines
4. pig liver
5. 1000 year old eggs
So you can say i have tried about the grossest thing known to man. Some arent that bad. The egg was the worst for me. Than the liver. The texture is what got me on the liver. Oh man. haha. well keep up the good work and i love you all so much. I hope your holidays have had a great start and continue to feel your fathers love everyday.
elder wright