"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sister LIndsay headed for the MTC....

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
To: Jolene Wright
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:56 PM
Subject: This Week in Hong Kong

This week has been fantastic! Prayers have been answered, investigators are slowly progressing, the area is starting to pick up, thousands of miracles, and an opportunity to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I have been able to loose myself even deeper into the work and it has brought so many blessings to everyone. Of course when we have all these great blessings in our lives, we are bound to have trials, challenges, unresolveable questions, and hard times.. but we tend not to focus on those when there are bigger and better things to focus on... such as ways you can help your brother or sister, heavenly fathers sons/daughters, continue to progress so that one day they too can return to his presence and live with their families for eternities, or ways that you can serve your companion or ward members, ways you can bring the lost sheep back unto the fold, or ways you can strengthen your own testimony! As the world gets more and more corrupt we sometimes loose our way, not knowing where we need to go, whats our next step, how do we keep going with all thats upon my shoulders, and we come to ask, is any one going to help me? You may feel like you are alone, and nothing is going your way, and you just don't understand why, because you are keeping the commandments, you are doing all that you can to follow in our Saviors footsteps, but yet so much is going wrong. You may come to ask why? I know that has been a question in my mind this past week. I have come to ask why, why Heavenly Father, why did you give me this trial? But what I came to learn, yet again, is we are never in the right to ask him why? We need to ask, Heavenly Father, what can I learn from these hard times, can you give me more patience to overcome and come to find out for myself why you have given my such trials? I learned when I asked these questions to myself and my Father in Heaven he did answer me and he answered through the most odd ways, through investigators, through street advertisments, and so many other ways. I promise you, if you take time in your daily busy schedules, and just ponder what He has given you at the end of each day, you will come to see the blessings and miracles of everyday. You will go to bed knowing that your Father in Heaven is aware of you and is concerned about you. He knows who you are. He knows your desires and ambitions. I still haven't heard conference yet, due to the fact that I was teaching lessons all day, so I'm still looking forward to watching and listening to it. Conference is very special to me, and I really just can't wait to hear what the Lord has in store for me to hear and do. Conference is a time to change, It is time to become better, time to find ways to become who He wants us to become so we can continue onward on the iron rod. Recently I have read a lot of talks about Lehis Dream, I have read it in the Book of Mormon several times and come to really understand it. There have been articles about it in the past 4 liahonnas, and they talked about it several times last conference. I encourage you all to read it, I commit you all to read it, find out where you are, and where you want to be going and don't just " cling onto it " but " continue pressing forward " reach that tree and don't be ashamed, never doubt. Keep smiling and loving life!
To my sister that is going into the mtc this coming week! Are you excited? Nervous? Just about every feeling you could possibly have all in one, that makes you want to vomit, cry, laugh, scream, and just pass out? Well, let me tell you, thats normal. Haha, the first few days there are hard for everyone, but just believe what every one tells you, JUST WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY, the mtc is amazing, if you go into it with a positive attitude you will absolutly love your time there, you will grow so much, and you wont want to leave, if you think you are going into a prison then thats exactly what it will feel like. It's all about the attitude. You are going to be the most amazing missionary ever, Jersey doesn't know whats about to happen. They are in for the shock of their life. Remember that He calls upon the weak, despised and unlearned to go from nation to nation and thrash them with his spirit. It's up to you to thrash. Companions they can be hard, but like the mtc, its all about your attitude. If you are positive, then you will just have to most amazing mission ever. Go into the field with the smile on your face and come out with the same smile. YOU Lindsay are a Daughter of God and He has a brilliant plan for you and just you. There are so many that need to hear your testimony, share it with everyone. Be who He needs you to be!!. I love you so much and am so grateful for your example to me, you really will be the best missionary. Sister Wright, we both have the name tags now and it's up to us to thrash the nations! Love you Sister Wright, keep smiling and loving every second of every day. Love Elder Wright. He calls and he qualifies. Love you! Love me.

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