"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear friends,
Here is the latest letter from Jeffrey. It's worth a few minutes of your time to read, his positive attitude is infectious! Bishop Larson paid Jeffrey a visit while in Hong Kong. He wrote Jeffrey almost every day while he was struggling in the MTC! He hand delivered homemade cookies to him in Hong Kong, while there on business this past week. I promise you, that our positive acts of kindness do make a big difference! Don't ever under estimate the simple smile, or wave or just saying hello. Not to mention giving someone CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!!

--- On Thu, 10/14/10, Jeffrey Romney Wright wrote:

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Hello!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 1:08 AM

Family and Friends,
Hello from hong kong! Its been the best pday yet!

Heres this weeks email:

It is easy enough to be pleasant,
when life flows by like a song,
but the man worth while is one who will smile,
when everything goes dead wrong.

For the test of the heart is trouble,
and it always comes with the years,
and the smile that is worth the praises of the earth,
is the smile that shines through tears.

Alma 40: 23 & 25 ( read it ponder it pray about it )

Song for the week is page 241 " Count your many blessings" All Verses
You have family, a house, food to eat, opportunties to wake up each morning and breathe fresh air, you have the knoweldge of this gospel and you have the holy ghost, and you have the agency to choose right from wrong, good from evil, uplifting thoughts and spiritual strength or destructing thoughts which leads to spiritual death, you can make any trial in to the best time of your life. if you have faith and a desire. Its up to you. Satan can tempt you, tell you all sorts of crap but he has no physical power or strength over you at all. He can not make you do ANYTHING. THats your choice to listen or not. Our earthly choices are our eternal consequences!

To all of you whom from anguish of heart and saddness of soul who have silently asked " Heavenly Father are you really there? Do you hear my prayers? Do you see me struggeling? Why arent you helping me?" I promise to all of you. He is aware of you. He knows you individually and knows exactly how you feel. I bear witness to you he is there. He does hear and answer all your prayers. He loves you. Have faith and doubt not. D&C 6:36 where there is doubt the spirit cant and will not dwell. Have faith.

There follows the inevitable blaming of oneself, the condemnation ofa careless action and the perennial questions: " Why such a tragedy in our family?" Why didnts i keep her/him home? If only he hadnt gone to that party? How did this happen? Where was god? Where was a protecting angel?" If why where how- those recurring words- do not bring back the lost son, the perfect body, the plans of parents and friends, or the dreams of youth. Self pity personal withdrawal or deep despair will not bring the peace the assurance or help which are needed. rather we must go forward look upward move onward and rise heavenward. It is imperative that we recognize that whatever has happened to us has happened to others. They have coped and so must we. We are NOT ALONE. HEAVENLY FATHERS HELP IS NEAR.

some of my favorite talks:
In order...
Monson- the first thing talked about was that every young man should remain worthy to serve a mission, be worthy and the desperate need for senior missionaires.. do you think that missionary work is important? first thing said. i think so.. Are you helping your local ward missionaires? 80% of baptisms come through ward members. Pick your game up and start keeping all the commandments because missionary work is one.
Jeffrey R. Holland- so uplifting. thanks elder monson
Uchtdorf- Slow down and 4 key points ( READ THEM!!!) One of my favorites
Anderson- Be like unto a child. YOu are a leader of the world, ACT LIKE IT. Lord has not left us alone nor will he!
Kearon- Read or watch this one ( in my top two favorite of all the talks i loved this one! )
Uceada- " IM SORRY "
Uchtdorf- Beware of pride, read it. so dang good. loved this one so much.
Monson- The 3 R's. 1. right of choice 2. responsibilty to choose 3. Result of choice.
Haha the rest were in chinese so i got what i got out of them i could be way wrong with my translations.... haha oh man. it was a journey sitting through those.
Packer- very straight forward, do NOT look back. I promise you peace and happiness when you look to the future!
DO IT...... OF YOU?
BALLARD- Loved the fishing analogy so much loved it.

You shall never be in the darkness when you following Jesus Christ the light of the world.
3/4's of the talks gave main topics ex: 1-4, 1-14 ( given in two talks ) They give them to us to follow and receive the blessings that they will and do give us.

This week from hong kong has been my best week yet. I have an amazing suprise visit from my Ct. Bishop and went out to dinner with him He is the best love him so much! Brought some of the most delicious chocolate chip cooks with him so dang good! Havent had a cookie in months! Our investigator pool continues to grow. I gave a flyer out to a lady on the train systems here just because she was reading my name tag and tlaked to her for awhile she wouldnt give me a number or schedule us so i gave her mine and went on my way. Miracle of smiling. She called us one hour later ( never happens ) and asked why are you smiling why are you so happy? tell me before i leave at 2:00 am to go back to mailland, tell me everything! I need to know. Your smile has changed my life for ever. No joke no lying. Crazy miracle. We see so many each and everyday!
D&C 6:20 Have righteous desires and hell encircle you with his love which is the most profound love of all. what more could you want.

I have faith in YOU! YES YOU> that you can be the change of the world, you can have an impact on thousands of lives, change someones downhill direction into a celestial glory and way of light and truth. You can be the change. It starts with you. I have the faith that you can do it? Do you?

e wright

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