"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Read At Your Own Risk.....

On Wed, 10/27/10, Jeffrey Romney Wright wrote:

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hellohellohello
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7:42 PM

It's me elder wright with a broken computer from hong kong haha. What a joy it is to email you.
Theres only one thing that i want you to read this week, a talk called " Beware of Pride, by:Elder Benson"

So let me catch you up on my hong kong experience this week and some fun stories,
Hong kong is amazing I love it so much and there's not a better place in the world. It's so unique. Its amazing. So grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve a mission here and get to know my brothers and sisters all throughout hong kong. My language is still coming. Working on it every day. Starting monday I'm doing an english fast. That means that I can not speak english for 2 weeks at all. 100% cantonese and any other language. So thats just going to be a joy. haha Probably not much talking for the next two weeks haha. oh man. It's going to be tough, but it will help my cantonese improve so much. It's going to be great. Here in Hong Kong one thing I can never remember when we go out, is that the water they serve you is ALWAYS boiling hot . Never will you be served or have cool or cold or room temp water. haha, and everytime I get to a restrauant or somehwere to drink or a members house I'm usually so thirsty and just want 90345689056 gallons of water and thats the first thing I do is grab the cup and start downing it. Needless to say that my tongue has 8 degree burns and is going to fall of any day soon. I should know better, but I just can't remember. One funny dinner story I'm still in complete and utter shock. You aren't going to believe me, but this honestly happened. haha. YOu ready? Well this week a member took us out to eat. Elder Liu and I we were so stoke. We get to this ghetto place and a employee takes us to the back and says choose a monkey and we look and theres a huge cage of monkies. I was thinking that she wanted us to help her pick out a new monkey pet, so I chose the best one of course and was playing with it. And then the guy grabs it and we follow him, he sits us down and ties the monkey to the middle of the table. Grabs a machette ( knife huge one ) and chops the top of the monkies skull off and pours burning oil on its brain and its screaming and everyone started eating its brain. Yes, I'm for real right now. I did not take part of this animal cruelty, nor did I eat my fellow pets brain. haha This is probably the worst thing I've seen thus far on my mission. Moving on. Our investigators. We have some amazing investigators right now. The best thing of my mission so far is being able to see the change in peoples lives. It really has touched me and im so grateful to be part of it. Vincent, is one of our investigators he's going to be baptized on november 7 and he's asked me to do it. I'm so stoked. I found vincent one day and its my first real find and teaching from day one to baptism. So its been the best experience and I will never forget it. He calls me every night to just talk. Hes such a stud. I'm so excited for him. We have a couple families as well. Yesterday I had an amazing experience. I just didn't want to go contacting just so sick of it, day after day but I was out there just walking the streets and just said a prayer, asking heavnly father to give me will power and strength to give it my all and love it. Within 2 minutes this mom and children run up to me and say I see something different about you. I want to know what your teaching right now. So on the street I taught her the first lesson. AMAZING> She and her family will be baptized in 3 weeks. They say hong kong is not a spanish baptizing mission, but that is false! With faith anything is possible. Every mission can have a lot of success, if you honestly believe it and I've seen that day after day here in hong kong. I hope that you are all trying your best, to be the best disciple of christ and following Him in his footsteps. I love you and hope that you have a great halloween. KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY> read that talk it will help you to draw nearer to your father in heaven.

e wright.

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