"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Saturday, December 25, 2010


From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Merry Christmas
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Friday, December 24, 2010, 1:02 AM

Merry Christmas Eve,
I love you my friends and my family,
I DON'T KNOW WHERE I WOULD BE WITH OUT ALL OF YOU AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANY OF US WOULD BE WITH OUT OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. I know that this christmas is going to be one of the most specatular christmas I will ever have because I am serving the Lord. What more could I ask for. I am serving Him because He died for me. I am serving the people of Hong Kong, but in reality they are the ones that are serving me and I have learned so much and I know that I will continue to learn more and more daily. I couldn't ask to be anywhere else in the world. Hong Kong needs to learn about Christ and the real meaning of Christmas and as I am sharing this divine message about Heavenly Fathers only begotten Son who died for us, I realize that growing up I never really took this message to heart and I have realized a lot of us, have not taken the true meaning of christmas to your heart. If you think you have tell me, who remembers you? what did you do for them? how did you serve them? why do they remember you? whose life did you change this year? and if you truely understand the meaning for christmas, its not only this time of the year that you will serve those around you and in need, but it is all year that you will serve. Jesus Christ died not only for you, but for all, He knows how each and every one of us feel, whether it be lonely this christmas year or happy as a bird on a spring branch, he knows how you feel and this christmas He is with you. He is with you every second of every day, you shall never feel alone, if you know what the true meaning of christmas is. He is with us 365 days a year, He will never leave us, and we should never leave Him. Never doubt. One thing that I realized is that Christmas time is a time on how we can reflect on the past year and how we can make new goals and ambitions for the coming year, how we can change what we didn't like about the previous year, and how can we develop our testimonies even more the following year? What can we do to serve others everyday? If you have been baptized and confirmed a member of this church, are you living up to all the convenants you promised to Heavenly Father? One of them was to ALWAYS (24/7) follow in Christs' footsteps? What would He do on a normal day and how are you trying to follow his footsteps? Are you constantly serving those around you. Are you loving everyone for who they are? It's really up to you. Not anyone else. You have your agency and you can choose how you can use it. When you are in front of H.F. the excuses you have down here on earth WILL NOT work up there. He knows your thoughts and your intentions all the time, every single one of them. Promise Him this year you will try harder. You will keep all the convenants you have made with Him and you will follow in His son our brothers footsteps this year.
We just had our mission Christmas party for the year and it was a blast. It is always so great to see all the missionaries especially the ones that came to Hong Kong with me. This next month on jan 6 we will celebrate 6 months in hong kong together. The sisters have hit their half way point and aren't to excited about that. All of our phillipino sisters are going home this week and its so sad. They are the nicest little things. We will for sure miss them. Our mission is continueing to get smaller and smaller. Sister Cecil is now in my district. She is serving in Tsuen Kwan o and I am still in kwun tong. Mary and Vincent both have been confirmed members of the church and are doing amazing. Vincent loves helping us teach and is constantly causing miracles, he's a stud. Jason will be baptized way soon. He is from mainland China and loves the gospel so much. He's never heard of any of it, not even God. So it's all new to him and he is embracing it and putting it into his life, sharing it with all to hear. He is so excited to get baptized and share this message with his friends and family in mainland. We also have a new friend Ernest, hes a way neat kid and very smart. He is, as well as, Jason working his way towards baptism. We have dennis and the gang, my basketball ballaasssss is what we call them and we also have arcle and jesse, ( A whole bunch of teen-20s boys ) they are all hearing the lessons and loving them. Brother Wohng now has a bapt date, but its a little hard for him to quit smoking. He has 2 little boys and a wife all from mainland and now live in Hong Kong now, everyone is a member but him, so we shared about eternal families and the power of the priesthood and he has made the decision that family is more important than those freakin cigarretes. WOOOHOOO. Everyone is doing great me and Elder Fogt included. We are loving every second of our mission and would'nt ask to be anywhere else for this Christmas season. I love my family and friends and miss them a ton, I truely do, but I also really love the people here. This is a new family that I will be spending Christmas with and I couldn't love them anymore. They are the best family I could ask for. I love you all and wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that you can make it the best Christmas yet. Who will remember your name this year?
Elder Wright

I send christmas pictures next week forgot my chip this week. my bad.
keep it real and choose the freakin right.

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