"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello from Hong Kong.....

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hi
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2011, 3:51 AM

Another week has come and gone... as usual it was amazing. We have had a lot of success and a lot of disappointments, as does everyone in mission work. You have your great and amazing miracles, as well as, your devisatating times when your amazing golden investigators tell you they don't want to investigate the church anymore. But thats not what we focus on in the field. We focus on the next person we can help hear this amazing, wonderful, life changing, message. I never realized how amazing this message was until i got out here in the field. I took it for granted. That is a fact! haha, and that is all my fault. Young Mens, I didn't ever pay attention in nor did i give the attention i need to. I never took it seriously. I was a pretty tough young lad back in the day and as I look back on that I want to say sorry to all those leaders that had to put up with me. I really am so grateful for all of you that never gave up on me. I know it could have been more than easy to give up on me, like i always say " I was a piece of freakin work." But you never gave up on me, because of all of you that never gave up on me, I am now on a mission, with an outrageously strong testimony, and a desire to change peoples lives for the best, so that they, just like you and I, can have eternal families and one day live with them again. There are so many people waiting to hear this amazing message, but right now they just dont know where to find it. I was reading in studies an ensign talk from I believe Pres Eyering. He was talking first about the convenants that we make when we our baptized and he focused on, how we covenant to share this gospel with every ear to hear, not only did he say this was our responsibility but it was a commandment from our father in heaven. Then he goes on talking about less actives and how we can better develop relationships with them, re-opening the door ways to heaven for them and their families. How can you do that? Thats for you to find out for yourself.... through prayer and a real desire to help souls come unto christ, heavenly father will and does guide us to these people. but it starts with you. Whether you are in your teenage years of life or about to die, it doesnt matter. Christ never stopped serving his whole life. Twenty four hours, seven days a week. Never did he give up. He got scolded and beat, spit upon and pushed around, mocked and lied to, but yet he knew what his lives purpose was. It was to return to his father in heaven and being able to say that he did his best, He has an eye to the glory of god at all times,and in all places. Its hard, life is so dang hard, I know that. I have made my fair share of mistakes and I know that we are always going to keep making mistakes, we will always have trials and for the most part we will not understand why, unitl after this life. but that is how we grow, the actions in which we do and have during our trials and challenges are an expression of our love towards are father in heaven. He is watching you every second of every day. He loves you and I hope he can feel your love by the way you conduct yourself on a daily basis. Like i said, I was a piece growing up with quite an attitude, and you know what, that is all my fault, and it is my responsibilty that I will take upon my shoulders, you are going to in fights, you are going to make mistakes, and YOU need to take responsibilty for your mistakes and your actions, even if you aren't in the wrong, you need to be the bigger person. There are so many people on the other side counting on you to be an example. Your parents, grandparents, your cousins, uncles, and aunts, prophets of past and most important of all your father. Your family and friends that didn't have the same opportunity that you do today to partake in this gospel, have now had that opportunity. They realize now that you didn't share this message with them, they will ask you why. They will be disappointed you didn't share life changing miraculous message with them. Your friends at school and work. Your neighbors and family. There are too many that go through this life with out hearing this message, but yet they could have if YOU would have opened your mouth and shared your simple testimony, letting them feel they holy ghost in the their life. The holy ghost is the most powerful source of energy on this earth today, it can convert the most wicked man with in a second, and most of our family and friends they are not wicked or bad people, so think how fast the h.g. could convert them. It doesn't matter what you say to them, it matters that you qualify for the h.g. to be able to convert them. These are your brothers and sisters, they are counting and waiting for you. One of the first things that I say as I'm out on the streets is, " I believe the god is our father in heaven, he loves us so much, more than you can ever comprehend. We are his children and he wants to be and live with us again. You are from this amazing asian continent and I am from america, our cultures and religious beliefs are so different and we grew up learning nothing of the same, but at the same time we are brothers and sisters. Our father in heaven loves you and he wants you, yes you, to hear this message of the restored gospel because you are his child and this is his only true gospel on the earth today. He is waiting for you with his arms open to embrace and love you, to help you overcome all your trials and life challenges. He wants you to have an eternal family and right now he arranged this opportunity for you to learn and grow through me as a servant missionary for him.... then I explain why I am a missionary." I said a quote quite some time ago, it goes something along the lines of this, a missionary will leave his family for two years, so that he/she/they(couple missionaries) can bring other familes together for eternities. Here is something that I have realized recently while trying to work better with my ward. Missionaries, we wear white shirts, suits, ties, and the best part of all, our name tag. But you know what, we are not the only missionaries here on the earth today. there is a lot more than just 53000 missionaries in the world. there is 14,000,000 missionaries in this world today and a whole lot more on the other side of the veil. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! You do not need a name tag. You do not need a call of recognization, all you need is your testimony and a desire. We have heard so many talks about how we need more missionaries in the world today. Especially from this past conference. Well he was talking not only to us 19/21 year old young men and women but he was talking to every member that belongs to our church today. You are missionaries, and he is counting on you right now. Share this message. and right now if your faith is not as strong and you dont think you are strong enough to share, and talk to others about this because you yourself aren't ready, you are WRONG. You are ready. Like in alma 32 it talks about faith and how it starts out as a seed and grows into a tree and most times into a forest. Well, if all you have right now is the seed, that is plenty. Rely on the spirit, it doesnt matter what you say and if they understand you, because everyone speaks one language whether you be in africa or the north pole and that language is the spirit. Let people feel of the holy ghost you all have it, and if you don't for some reason because of a mistake you have made or are making, repent right now, ask to be forgiven, he wants to forgive you. He's waiting for you. He doesn't look at you any different. He just loves you. Your bishop repersents him right now and nor will he look at you any different. he wants to love you and help you. Thats why we have bishops. They can't tell a soul anything, nor do they want to, all they want to do is help you. They will never look at you any different nor treat you differently. They will love you every step of every way. One great example of that is my bishop from New Canaan. He was ( haha and still is ) amazing. You could feel his love at any time and any where, no matter what your circumstances were. Because he knew that he was repersenting the lord and he knew he needed to show that same love that he would, as if he walked the earth today. Repent and change. To repent you need to recognize what you did wrong and you need to change. Then, chi sau douh daaih, endure to the end. mouh fong hei, never give up. always make the best out of every situation and love all those you come in contact with. Make the best out of this life, not only for yourself but for all. Serve. When you serve others you are only in the service of your father in heaven. If you bring one soul unto him imagine if you brought many souls unto him. How great and blessed will you be. Not physically, but spiritually. I love you all so much and just want to let you all know that I'm not writting this to lecture you or tell you, that you all suck in life, but I'm writting this so that you can help me do my mission, so that we together can work in bringing souls unto christ. So that I can write this, then re-read it and apply it in my life. Because I, as well, need to do all of this. haha thats forusre. I'm not perfect, but nor are you. Lets work together and tell people what we know that they don't. They will forever be grateful for you. I know that if you young men in my home wards prepare now, that you will be so grateful. I know its hard, high school is tough. I know. I went through it just as you did, whether you have no friends, or you have no desire to go to school, or the friends you have right now just aren't a good influence but you are afraid that if you leave them right now, they will make fun of you and you will have no one to go to after that, you will be a "loner" I promise you, you are wrong, if you make the right choice right now, today, the lord will bless you with amazing friends. Because I too had some stupid friends and I didn't want to stop hanging out with them, butIi knew thats what I needed to do, it was so hard and it took me awhile to do it, but you know its more than worth it. The lord has blessed me tremendously since then. My friends did drugs and drank and a lot more stuff but you know, not only did my life change after that but my desire to learn and grow changed to. I promise all youth that today is the time to stand strong for what you believe and to put your foot down, say no and don't look back. The world is getting worse and worse but I promise you that you can do it! Get and pray about getting your p-blessing. It will give you more guidance then anything else. Besides the bom. Read it often and stand firm in your testimony and beliefs, I promise all of you it's hard, but it is more than worth it. Don't do stupid things, it may seem fun at the begininning but an hour later it's not worth it, and will mess your life up not only your life but your potential families life and you friends life. So decide today, its time to change. and be valiant in all that you do and say. I love you all and want the best for you all. We all make mistakes, but through the atonement we can be forgiven. h.f. loves YOU. I love you and hope you all have a great week. ps. all of our investigators are back from mainland and are doing amazing. We are giving tons of bapt dates out, some aren't ready and some are ready. It does'nt matter because we are giving them the opportunity to accept or not to, they have their agency and we did the best that we can. I love them all and pray for them with all my might, sometimes thats not enough. Now may not be the time, but in the future they will come to realize thati what we said is true ,because they felt the holy ghost and they want it back in their lives. hey want to have that constant companion with them at all times in all places. I love you and know that you can do it. You can change. You can decide today who you are going to become and where you are going to go.
love e wright.

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