"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, March 3, 2011


From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hello ya' all!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 3, 2011, 3:45 AM

hey hey hey,
It's me your one and only missionary in Hong Kong. Elder Wright. These last few weeks have been utterly amazing, full of so many miracles, and you know what comes with miracles? TRIALS. haha, It's so true. I'm so grateful for all the experiences that I'm having on my mission, I am continually learning and developing myself into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. With trials come opportunities to learn and grow, to develop our testimonies, so that we can prepare ourselves to return to our Father in Heaven again. He's waiting for us. He gave us this time right now to be here on earth to prepare our selves to come back to help and serve all those we can. Making this life experience the best, happiest, most enjoyable time that we can. He loves us so much that he gives us trials. Recently our investigators have been doing amazing. We have a few right now that I love so much. They are truely my best friends. They have taught me so much. We have others that I love just as much and that I want to help more then anyone. But as of right now, they are not willing to change, its not their time. That scares me because we gave them the opportuinty and they denied it. Thats upon their shoulders now. We did all that we could and thats all that matters. But at the same time I feel like I could have done more, that its my fault, I didn't say what they needed to hear, that its because of my companion and I, that, that person didn't come unto Christ. For a couple of days I felt pretty down, just because I loved this person so much, he was my brother, his life was upside down, and I know that this gospel could have worked miracles, it could have given him the peace that he was looking for, a sense of direction and knowing and so much more, but because he said he wasn't willing to continue to see us and listen to this spectacular message, he ll never know the fullness of what we have to share. I felt like that it was my fault. We had been seeing him for almost 3 months and he was amazing. Always showed up to appts and always kept all his commitments, came to church, prayed and read, he was really just the coolest nicest guy I know. but as of right now, he will no longer be listening to this message. He knew it was true, he testified it to us, and told us that he has felt the spirit several of times and yet he still denied the truth. I didn't really know why, I honestly still don't comprehend why he has dropped off, but what I do know, is that he is Heavenly Fathers son, Jesus Christs' brother and my brother, I'am not going to give up on him because I know that my father in heaven will never give up on any one. He loves everyone no matter what. He never will look at anyone any different. He loves us for our mistakes, and sins, he loves us when we share this message with everyone, he will never stop loving us for who we are. He is the only and the only one we has such an ability. As humans our nature is to judge others, is that fair? Is that what we came down here to do? Have you ever looked at someone or heard something about some one and just thought that there is no hope for him, he's not going to go anywhere in life, he should just give up now, or have you ever thought that about yourself? You know who is giving you these thoughts? satan. This is what he wants you to think and do, but you know what we need to do. Because I know that I still do this all the time, its just a part of life to judge yourself and others, to look down upon yourself/others, but we need to get over it. We need to love everyone, for who they are, and who they can become. There and so many people in the world today that are waiting to hear from you, to hear this message, and to have a sense of direction. There are so many lost and don't know whats right or wrong, good or bad, for instance me before my mission, I never knew what I should do and when I should do it, but you know who does know? Heavenly Father, through prayer we can know all that he wants us to do and become, how we can help others come unto him. As I look at my life in utah I saw a lot of corruption and evil things going on, every single day. And let me tell you, about 90% of them were members of this church. They know better, I knew better, yes we make mistakes its apart of life, that is why Heavenly Father sent his only begotton son down to the earth to atone for ours sins because he knew that we werent perfect ,never will be, but through his son and the love he had for us, he made a plan for us to return to live with him in complete joy and happiness. It starts with ourselves, today too many people have a lack of confidence and faith with in themselves, how can we overcome this? Lets talk for a few second, I am constantly seeing invesigators and the main issue that comes up in our talks and lessons is money. They and I know most people around the world think that money is the most important thing and will bring you eternal happiness, well you are all wrong. They think that money can bring them friends, a nice living style, happy family enviroment and a way to succeed and be better than everyone else. They think that because they don't have the new hottest thing that they are worth nothing, they walk around thinking, what is everyone thinking of me right now, with there heads looking down to the ground going through life with no purpose except to have money to be happy. Well heres the deal... money means nothing to me and it should'nt mean anything to you. yeah the essentials are nice, your daily needs and thats about it. If you know why YOU ( YES YOU ) are down here on earth then you will see the bigger picture, you will find ways to help others see this picture. My family and I have gone through trials and trials with money and you know what, its harder than heck, but you know what, we knew at all times that we had each other, we relied on each other during those times, we developed a closer family relationship during those times, we became an eternal family that wants to live with each other for time and eternity during those times, we have desires to help others because we knew what it felt like to not have money, but at the same time, we were loving every second of it, we made the best of it, yeah its hard and sometimes you will have arguments ( we had our fair share ) but you know, you grow through those times, you become who he wants you to become if you have those desires, and goals. Because yeah, you can grow and learn from these times but you know what, you can also fail and tumble down the hill at those times, thats not what he wants, that is satans plan. He wants you to fall and bring an army with you. But you know what, do not give in rely on h.f. to help you, I can testify to you that he is listening he is there for you at all times and in all places. one of my r.c.s she called me and the bishop, told me that she has 3 days to find a house shes being kicked out, shes in debt 20000 dollars and has no money to move or do anything, the bishop didn't know what to do, she has 3 sons, they were about to be living on the streets, we together prayed and fasted, a situation that went from the most disatorious trial turned into the most amazing miracle, do you know why? FAITH. she relied on him and he answered, she remained happy everysecond, she was the mom she needed to be to her sons, she didnt let it harm her or her family because she knew h.f. would help her. yes hes not always going to be there in a snap of the fingers, but he will answer and help you. Trials they are here with us everyday of our lives. I testify that to you . haha, we feel them more than anyone as missionaries, we get stood up almost 4 times a day, we get beat, things thrown at us, yelled at ( every day ), and so much more, but that doesn't harm our spirits because we can say that we know that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, that He loves us so much, and these brothers and sisters are the ones that we need to serve because they know not of this gospel and their Father in Heaven, they know not of the potential they and their families have, just as all of you do. Families they are the most important thing we have on the earth today. I love my parents sisters and dogs so much. They truely mean the world to me. I love them with all my heart and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family. They are the worlds best family. We are here for each other through thick and thin, hardships and happiness, I know that we will return to live with him again because I have faith and I know they do to ( if you dont please pick up your game and start developing it now, hahaha ). I love you guys so much all of you. You are all my family, and you know what , we need to start helping our family get bigger and bigger, through sharing this message and loving and serving ALL> share your testimony with all to hear, its the best way to develop it and for others to feel of the spirit because the spirit can not be felt if you don't share it with them. Its up to you. Baptisms are doing great. My recent converts are doing great. Already have one less active hahaha dang it! It's because he moved where there is no church in main land and no way to communicate with him. It's hard but I have faith that he will come back only because I know he felt the holy ghost in his life. I love you and know h.f. is waiting for you to pcik your game up. Have faith. have confidence, who gives a hoot what anyone thinks about you. Get over it, the only thing that matters is what h.f. thinks of you. Be yourself, heavenly father gave you, your individual personality so you can share it with others. Don't hide it or change it to fit in with anyone. Be yourself. love you all. have a great week. do an act of kindness and eat a burrito.
love elder wright.
so many miracles are happening here in hong kong, i cant wait to tell you all some stories when i get home. life changing miracles. never give up, never. never doubt.

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