"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of surprises and greatest news ever!

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
To: Jolene Wright
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2011 3:00 AM
Subject: Week of Suprises!

This picture that I have attached to my email this week, catches my attention for many reasons. I have walked past this tree for about 6 months wondering what I could relate it to when teaching lessons, due to the fact it is right outside of our chapel building. I have seen this tree go through a lot in it's life, at one time it was a massive beautiful green tree, thick at the stout and very abundant of life. It has now been tappered down and given a new start, it has embraced the unbearable humidity and heat of Hong Kong, the tropical storms and thunderstorms that come during this summer season, it has handled the coldness of the winter, yet it still stands strong not willing to give up. Not willing to call it quits because of the worldly cicurmstances in which we all live in. It's been through it all. Time after time it has been cut down, ( or humbled ) and has started all over again, relying on the lord at all times knowing through him anything is possible. When you are humbled, do you see it as an opportunity to re-start and grow up all over again?How amazing is that, that Heavenly Father loves us so much, he will find ways to help us come closer to him. I get humbled daily out here in the field. Whether it be the language barrior and them yelling at me saying my sounds and tones sound like a 2 year old, or it be my companion telling me that I need to calm down and take it easy, or my favorite times are when I am able to humble myself and recognize that I need to change ( yeah.. daily). Happens often when I read the scriptures or words of the prophets. We need to find time each day to humble ourselves, see what we have done wrong, and find where we can improve for the next day. Heavenly Father doesn't answer prayers if thou art prideful! I was recently reading a general conference talk and loved it when he said, " If you want to talk to your Father in Heaven, you need to pray, BUT if you want your Father in Heaven to talk to you, then you need to read the Book of Mormon." That is so powerful. Another article I was reading, talked about Brigham Young, one time in paticular he was having a very difficult trial and he said this of it, "When I came upon this trial, all I could do was ask our father for more patience and I continued this until I myself could figure out why I have been given such an amazing time to grow and learn." When we come upon trials in our life, why not ask Him for more patience to grow and learn in that time instead of asking why..why did you give it to me, let us ask, can I have more patience so that I myself can find the answers? This tree could also represent many more things, it could represent the fact that we all will make mistakes in our life and will continue to make them and that Heavenly Father will keep forgiving us according to our desire. We could relate it to the restoration in several different time periods of the church and right now its not as big as it was back in the day it's small, strong, and unmoveable. As I walked by the tree each day, there was always something that would spark into my mind and that is, there is something common among all mankind and that is we will all at one time or another in our lives, have trials, unanswerable questions, unsolveable concerns, and we just won't know what to do. At times, it destroys our faith and our testimony, but let us be like Brother Young and instead of asking why, lets ask for more patience.
This week I have left my area of Tai Po and Tai Wo, it has been the hardest thing that I have done up until this point in my life. I love those two wards, especially Tai Po. I have come to love them as family, been able to grow with them and learn with them, what a blessing it is that Heavenly Father has given me, to be able to serve his children in this part of the world. I will miss them terribly and never will I forget them and all they have taught me. In sacrament meeting, a lot of the members got up and with tears in their eyes were able to share with me their testimonies and sense of appreciation for all I have done in this area, the young men especially were so grateful. It was a way that I could feel and hear Heavenly Father saying "thank you Elder Wright, for all you have done here, but it's time to meet more of my sons and daughters and do the same as you have done here." It was a bitter sweet moment in my life, but I know that this call is of Heavenly Father, so the time has come and gone by so fast, and Heavenly Father has new plans for me. It's time to open a new chapter in my life of fourtnante events. I have been moved down to the island, about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from my previous area. They are on complete opposite sides of each other. This is one of the busiest places here in Hong Kong, and wealthiest. I have heard it is a very difficult area but the ward members are amazing. Therefore I am beyond excited to serve here. My new companion is Elder Cheng from Hawaii! He has been serving for about 6 months now and is a little shy, but such a stud. I am so excited that Heavenly Father has given me another one of his marvelous sons to serve with. Companionships are so important and with out unity and being of one, we are nothing to the Lord, so I am so stoked to be ONE and as it says in dnc ( he calls unpon the weak and unleard to thrash the nations by the spirit ) well, Westpoint needs to prepare themselves because we are getting ready to thrash ( with smiles on our faces of course )!! I am thrilled and ready to go!
On to the best news, my sister, Lindsay, has here by been called on a mission to serve the Lord for 18 months of her life, calling upon his children to repent and partake of this wonderful, life-changing gospel message. She will be leaving on oct 19, 2011 for Morristown, New Jersey. Sister wright, you my dear beloved sister are going to be an IMPECABLE missionary. There are so many people that have been prepared for you and are still being prepared, they are waiting to see that smile and hear of your testimony, prepare now to give your time, your thoughts, your actions, and 100% of you, to the Lord. He's counting on you during this time to forget yourself and go to work. It puts the biggest smile on my face knowing that she will be able to feel of the joy and happiness that I feel of right now. Serving is just amazing, you can't really describe the feelings you have while serving a mission, it's just ahh so great. I am so grateful for you Lindsay, and the constant example you have given me, you really are amazing. So willing to give yourself to the Lord, for others it's hard to do. But you are special, Heavenly Father has a smile on his face right now, because He knows whats awaiting you out in New Jersey and He is so grateful for you and all missionaries. Thank you Linds.
Lauren, start preparing now to serve a mission! ... And remember, right now don't worry what other girls and boys think about you, it doesn't matter. What matters the most is what Heavenly Father thinks about you. He loves you so much and is so aware of you and your concerns. I love you so much, don't let the little things people say to you get you down, just ignore them and brush them off, it's hard, but like it says in proverbs 3:5-6 He will direct you, He loves you and will lead you so that you too can receieve eternal happiness. Remember during these times that you always have Him, when you feel along pray, talk to Him like you would me, your best friend. He will listen and He will answer! Love you Lo! SMILE!
Proverbs 17:17, 18:24. Doctrine and Covenants 6:36

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