"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"I can't understand what these dang people are saying!"

Family and Friends,
Yiga ngoh mhhoyih gong yigman gam ngoh yiu gong gwongdungwa. mhhoyihsi. Leihge sing keih ho mh ho a? ngoh ngo leihdeih. This week i am not allowed to speak english all week just cantonese to help improve this freakin langauge. haha. its one of the hardest things ive done. so humbling. so humbling. learning the worlds hardest langauge is an understatement. my tones are still all over the place , lets be honest i can not tell if its high, medium, low, high falling, medium rising, low medium rising, who on earth knows hahah. This week has been amazing. A week full of miracles more than ever. We were contacting one day and a family came up to us asked what we do and why a white person is here. They were very rude at the beginning when talking to me. Quite racist. But as i talked to them and taught them more and more, they opened up they could feel the spirit and came to want to learn more. This mom and two daughters now have a baptismal date in three week. Elder liu and i are doing amazing. best in the mission. We have so much fun and work harder than anyone. My language is coming. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to grow and learn. We learn from the past but we do not dwell on the past. Look for the future. Read alma 26. Ponder it. Find the message within it and apply it to your life. We have vincents baptism this sunday im so excited. He has asked me to do the whole thing. Crazy. He is my first real find and first one i have found on my own and taught him everything. Its going to be such a spiritual amazing experience im really so humbled to know that hf is aware of me and knows who i need to talk to and what i need to do and he really knows us individually and knows what we need. He knows what trials we need. He gives us those trials to learn. Have faith in him. He loves you. I love you. Hong kong is amazing. i ate a lot of new things this week with some weird taste.
1. pigs blood ( coagulated )
2. cow stomach
3. goose intestines
4. pig liver
5. 1000 year old eggs
So you can say i have tried about the grossest thing known to man. Some arent that bad. The egg was the worst for me. Than the liver. The texture is what got me on the liver. Oh man. haha. well keep up the good work and i love you all so much. I hope your holidays have had a great start and continue to feel your fathers love everyday.
elder wright

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