"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess who is 20? Woot Woot!

rom: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey family and friends! Guess whos 20 woot woot! haha
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 11:01 PM

Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes and emails. You are the best. I had an amazing birthday here in Hong Kong, my first one and last one. So would you look at that. So let me tell you about the big day haha, It started out normal, no one remembered or knew it was my birthday until like 2:00. haha no big, its all good, then we had a district meeting and they sang to me and we had some delicious cake. Following district meeting, we continued on with the day, finding, visiting, and teaching. Then a suprise happened. Would you look at that. At 6 ish I got a call saying I needed to come to the mtr station ( train station) and so I did, I get there and guess who is there? Vincent! He came all the way up here for my birthday to take me out to dinner, he just had the biggest smile on his face, so excited to see me and not only did he come but, as did Mary, Lambert, Tyron, and Richard. It really made my birthday the best one I have ever had. Some of my recent converts came 2 hours out of their way to visit me. Made me feel like I had some real great friends. I love them all so much. Vincent is the best. Mary too funny, Lambert is a goof, and Tyron is just too tight. Man do I miss them. It was so good to see all of them. We went out to a really fun chinese resturant and then went back to the church, ate some cake and than Vincent got up and shared his testimony with everyone as did Lambert, Mary, and Tyron. It just about killed me. They have all come so far. I remember the first time meeting each of them and being able to see them now, it's as if they are completly new people. They are incredible. They have the strongest testimonies and the best desires. Vincent is preparing to serve a mission, how cool is that? oh man, sorry about last weeks email, I can't even remember what I said, all I know is at that time, I had a raging head ache haha, sorry la. Well by this time next week last year, was my first day in the beloved mtc. What a day that was. One that I will never forget. Just so cultured shocked. I felt as if I was thrown into prison, I was scared to death to even speak a word. Who are we kidding, but as I look back on it now, the mtc was just a magnificent place, so much great food, my teachers and the enviorment were all so amazing and I'm so grateful for the 3 months I got to spend there. It was just a growing experience, lets be honest though, the only area in which I grew there was that of my testimony, which is the best way. I can promise you that, they did not teach us the language of Cantonese. ha I don't know what language they taught us, but im tellin ya, it wasn't Cantonese. haha, but I have been able to experience 3 areas and 4 companions in the last year. It has been the most amazing year of my life. I have learned and grown so much. This last year is a time in my life that I will never forget. I have been able to serve in a place in which I call home now, amongst my brothers and sisters, I love them all so much and never want to leave them. We as missionaries will always have trials and times when it feels like Heavenly Father just tackles us to the ground and beats us just to humble us, those aren't my favortie lets be honest, rather scary time in life. But through those times, its then that I have grown the most. My testimony was nothing when I got into the mtc. I didn't even know if this church was true, nor did I ever read the Book of Mormon, I relied on my mothers testimony more than anything. But as I have got beaten with humility and gone through trials, it has been at that time, that I have found out, that my Father in Heaven loves me, that with Him I can do and accomplish anything, that this is the only true church on the earth today and if we live by its standards and principles ( the commanments and guidance from our prophets and scriptures ) it is then that He will bless us and answer our prayers. When we are doing the best to keep the commandments and follow in our Saviors footsteps. He sent his beloved son to the earth to give us an example to what we need to do as we come to earth. We need to follow in His footsteps and be like unto him. We need to serve and strive to do the best, to love everyone for who they are. We all make mistakes get over it, I am constantly making mistakes, in my brian whether it be a mean thought or an action that I do, as are you, no one is perfect, but as long at we are doing our best it's then that Heavenly Father will realize that and strive to help us perfect our selves and bless us and our families. As families we need to strive to work together, to serve together and to spend as much time as possible together. The family is the best blessing heavenly father has given to us today. We are to learn and grow together. Yes, we will have fights sometimes, but its through those times that we can stregthen our relationships even stronger. Are you having fhe every monday night? If not why? The prophet has commaned it, and right now the prophet is speaking the words of god, he represents our Father in Heaven right now, through Him we can know what our Father wants us to know. He wants us to have fhe every monday night wether you like it or not, whether you are 89 and single or 22 with 5 kids, you need to have it. It's one thing that we have focused here in Hong Kong, is the power of fhe, because a lot of the time in this culture its not normal to spend time with your family. Except for a few holidays out of the year, usually they work long hours and the only time anyone is home is to sleep, but the miracles that have come from those families that have started holding fhe every monday night are those in which words can't describe. They have been blessed more than anyone. One thing that I have learned recently and through out my whole mission and which was brought up a lot in this last weeks conference, was the power of prayer and revelation. So important. There are so many different ways that He can answer you. You need to watch and listen to every small detail. It's usually when you least expect it, that He will answer you. Just remember, we are on his time table. this isn't our time this is His time. Recently Elder Ng and I have been doing a lot of finding and its been great, I love hitting the streets and talking with everyone, it's hard sometimes to talk to the elderly because their dialect of Chinese is not of that in which I can understand, nor can they understand me. So thats so hard because its them that need to hear this message since they are about to croke any day now. So one thing I have been trying to do is learn some simple phrases that I can talk to them and say to them, its tough. But I have been able to put a smile on their faces and thats all that matters to me. We hit the streets and don't stop for 6 hours at a time, sometimes we have tons of success and at other times we have little to none, it really is a testimony builder, i love it so much. Because I know that as long as I'm doing my best and have the spirit with me and my companion, then it is then that they will come to find out that we represent the Lord right now and he has called us two to talk to them, to help them feel of his love. How amazing is it, everyday I get to talk to so many people and share this message with them, yeah at times I get drinks and stuff thrown at me and then we have times when people feel of the spirit and want to know everything. so yesterday ( got a story no prob ) we had exchanges and I got put with an elder paticulary because he wants to go home and hates it here, Pres Chan thought I could help him, he has not had a baptism or any success his whole mission and he's ready to give up, so we got together prayed and hit the streets, talked to a lot of people and got a few bites, but it was then that I had a feeling that we needed to go to a paticular spot and find some one named Leih siu je, I got this name through prayer the night before, but had no idea where I was going to find it. It was my first time recieving a female name, but as I got this feeling I knew this was going to help that elder, we were walking and the cutest little girl in a stroller just yelled, waih jeung louh leih hou ma, which translates to Elder Wright how are you, I have never seen this family before in my whole life, it was a little girl and her mom, they just went grocery shopping and were headed home. I waved and said hey little sister how are you? ( she was like 4. cutest thing ever ) and we got to a huge stair case and she started asking people to help her get down the stairs. No one would help her, so I thought, hey I'll catch back up to them and I will help her, so I did, and we got to the bottom of the stairs and she asked me, " last night did you recieve my name in a prayer like I did yours, I was so scared when I first saw you, I didn't understand why I dreamt about you last night, but why are you here and what are you doing? Why do you speak chinese and can you help me strengthen my relationship with my family and Father in Heaven?" Well we met this lady and my comp for the day was in tears, he saw that the Lord is here with us day in and out, he wants us to have success and love the work. It really is amazing how much He loves us and all the different ways he shows us. Our new area is going great, there has been a lot of trials and difficulties, but at the same time the Lord has poured out the blessings upon us. I'm so grateful to serve with Elder Ng right now hes amazing and I love my area. We have met a lot of new friends that have a lot of potential. I love it so much. I've really never been happier. I hope we can all follow the guidance that we have just recieved from our prophets and apostles, because they know what we need to hear and do. If you follow them, you will know how to live your life in a way that your Father wants you to. And how to accomplish anything and everything! love you all and hope the best for all you. I do pray for you all to. love e wright

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