"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

100% Humidity here in HOng Kong!!

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: happy easter!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 10:54 PM

Hello everyone, sorry about last week just not enough in the day to get out my usual email. Well as for Hong Kong right now, it is 100% humid and about 85 degrees, so we are just loving it. Summer is here. Who would have guessed it would be here so fast. It's crazy, our apartment is like a sauna ( spell check ) and we are just dripping by the time we step out the door. As for our white shirts and how they are suppose to be white, well, lets just say in the summer time bleach is our best friends! Elder Ng and I are doing great, we have had so many miracles each and every day! We have met a lot of amazing individuals and we are making so many new friends. Each day we have a lot of time on the streets trying to talk to them and get to know them. Share this message with them and give them an opportunity to accept this beautiful plan Heavenly Father has given to us. haha It's amazing how many people do not want it right now! I'm shocked hahaahaha Oh man, our area is pretty small, so we run into a lot of the same people as we are walking around. Man oh man, I've never had to run so fast before! I had a man chasing me the other night, yelling profound language at me. Telling me that I was satans son, because the week before I told him he was a child of God and God loves him and wants him to return with him one day. Guess he wasn't to fond of that message. Well besides the chasings, we have found a lot of amazing people. The other night as I was going through records from 2004, I had a feeling to call this grandma whos about 70-80 years old, who met with missionaries when she was younger but hasn't had a chance to see them since. So I called and talked to her and her husband about who I was, what I was doing in Hong Kong, and why we needed to visit her. At the time she didn't remember who missionaries were, and actually had no idea who Jesus Christ was. Finally after 30 minutes of talking to her I finally scheduled her for the next morning at 10, asked her for her addresss and she gives it to me. I was thinking it would be one of the high rises near by, welp........ was I wrong. We ended up hiking for 2 hours in the hills finally coming to the old, old village with farms and all sorts beat up houses and wooden fences. ( needless to say my white shirt was so wet you could see through it. iiiyaaa. ) We finally got to their cute little shack, where they had dogs, cats, turtles, fish, you name it, they had it running all around the house. The night before she said I can only give you 20 minutes to talk to me tomorrow because I know the message you have to share with me, won't change my life and my husband doesn't believe in God, so you have 20 minutes to say what you want to say. We get there and share the message of the plan of salvation with them, they both heard the message, listened very intently and accepted it all. No questions, just tears in their eyes saying how greatful they are that they to can live with each other after this life. They have already set a date to get sealed in the temple. Yeah it's a little fast but you know, they are prepared. Heavenly Father has prepared them for this time, in Hong Kong, the older generation had a horrible experience with the church, because when missionaries first got here, 50-70 years ago the translation of the name of the church and the Book of Mormon was that of devil worshipping churches, so many got wrong interpetations of what our church stands for and believes in. So usually when we hit the streets, the first people to anti us are the older people. We know that Heavenly Father prepared the Cheuih Ga Tihny couple for Elder Ng and I couldn't make us any happier! Following the lesson, Sister Cheiuh ( the old lady ) made us a huge lunch and then we took a tour of their farm, its so beautiful i'll send pictures next week. Just way up in these chinese landscapped mountains, ahh man so tight. We are actually about to go visit them again right now. I just want to leave my testimony with you all that I know this church is true and that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. He's aware of you and me, He knows what we need to do and how we can accomplish all of our lives ambitions and goals. I promise you, that if you rely on Him He will guide you. Hey remember the communication problems between Elder Ng and me? It's so much better. I've been really working hard on learning more and more and pushing myself to learn more cantonese, and my hand, face, and body gestures are amazing, hahaha so that helps a lot. I love you all and hope you are all doing your best to serve everyone!
love elder wright.

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