"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't give up....

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" There is a difference between intention and action. Those who only intend to commit may find excuses at every turn. Those who truly commit face their challenges squarely and say to themselves, "Yes that would be a very good reason to delay, but I made covenants, and so I will do what I have committed to do. " They search the scriptures and earnestly seek the guidance of their father in heaven. They accept and magnify their church callings. They attend their meetings. They do their home or visiting teaching.
A German proverb says, " Promises are like the full moon. If they are not kept at once, they diminish day by day. " As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have committed to walk in the path of discipleship. We have committed to follow the example of our Savior. Imagine how the world will be blessed and transformed for good when all the members of the Lords Church live up to their true potential, converted in the depth of their souls and committed to building the kingdom of God.
In some way each of us stands at a decision point over looking the water. Have faith, move forward, face your fears and doubts with courage and say to yourself " I am a committed Saint!"
What are you waiting for? Whats holding you back to give your all to the Lord? As a missionary I have come to find the true meaning of "Work." As missionaries we start every day at 700 am and don't stop until 1100 pm when our face hits the pillow for the night. It's a day full of blessings, miracles, life changing experiences, and work. It takes effort to receive answers and blessings. Recently while serving with Elder Palfreyman we have come to find the true meaning of work and team work. We walk in the door each night, sweating from every pore, shirt complelty drenched and soaked all the way through to make our skin visible, pants with salt lines on them from our sweaty legs, and a smile on our face. We drop down to the floor and give our Father in Heaven thanks for such an amazing day. Knowing we did as he would. Because at this time, we represent Him more than any other time, even you as members represent him. When we go to the other side of the veil, he will ask YOU, " What did you do with MY name?" What will you say? and more importantly, will you feel like you have done your best to represent Him? Elder P and I each night after we pray, converse with each other to find a way we can better ourselves and become more like our savior. I've never been so emotionally and spiritually drained in my whole life, but at the same time I have never been this happy either. But, I also realize with work comes, trials, challenges, difficulties and thousands of obstacles, it's part of the job. It's a part of all of our lives. No one ever said life would be easy, but I say like in dnc 100:15, if we do all that we can do to be like unto him, it will be well worth it! Knowing one day I'll receieve eternal happiness and better yet an eternal family. The joy that we can't comprehend right now is awaiting us, if we do whats RIGHT. It puts a smile on my face knowing that if I do all I can Heavenly Father will give me these blessings. But one thing that dawned on me this week, is, that as a family we need to be in it together. If one isn't willing, then this dream and these blessings, will not be able to be given unto us. Are you doing your part, so that you yourself are able to receive the blessings of an eternal family? Or are you what's holding your family back? Do you love your family? Do they know that, can they feel your love? If you are doing all you can do, how can you help that wayward brother/sister, mom/dad, son/daughter, relative/friend? Have you fasted and asked Heavenly Father what you can do? Because I know if you do he WILL answer. In 1 nephi 3:7, if you keep his commandments and do all things that which are right unto him and are seeking his way not your way, he will give you a way to accomplish all things. He loves that person as much as you do, times 5 trillion, he wants to help them but he's waiting on you to ask Him and He will work through you to bring them back into the kingdom. Whether this person is a family member, less active, neighbor, relative, someone you home/visit teach, and name you have heard of that is struggling, they are counting on you, Heavenly Father is counting on you to help them. Whose ever name that you have thought of, that has entered into your thoughts, thats revelation that you just received and it's up to you know to help that person. If you deny that revelation, it is as if you are denying Heavenly Father himself. That person needs your help, Heavenly Father sent his son into this world to atone for your sins, and to give you a way to come back unto him, this is the least you can do to return him the favor. He knows who you are and is very aware of you, loves you dearly, and wants the best for you. As I sat in the temple with a member of the 70 and his wife yesterday, and my companion I was thinking, how do I become more like him? What does he have that I don't? Then Heavenly Father reminded me again, of one of my most life changing experience that has happened on my mission, that I will share with you. It's showed me that Heavenly Father knows me, Jeffrey Romney Wright, and He knows where I am right now, and every second of everyday. About 3 weeks ago, we had a small missionary gathering and just had some ice cream and talked for a little while, the meeting came to an end and we all headed different ways. David ( summer missionary ) myself and my comp, were walking home that night, and on the road there where so many people, but we were late and didn't have time to contact and talk to all of them. We thought it be best if we just not talk to them and just head straight home, so we were walking and I saw this young man from a distance, I thought the least I can do is say "hello have a great night," therefore I said that to him, and kept walking. The spirit just hit me, and said, go find him and talk to him. He needs you. I thought nothing of it. So I dropped my bag and just sprinted to try and find him. It was dark and he could have gone anywhere. I found him and talked to him for 5 minutes, exchanged phone numbers, told him I would call him tomorrow. He said, sounds great. I thought, why did I do that? It was just as if I talked to any other person, why him? Called him the next night, tried to schedule him and he said no, no, no, no, I heard your church was awful and very much into satan worshipping ( whatever that means ), I told him otherwise and bore my testimony, scheduled him for 3 weeks later, which usually means you'll never see him again. The day came and we went hiking that morning with our investigators, thinking we wouldn't hear from him and didn't need to worry about that lesson. We got lost on the mountain and make it home at 2:45 and his lesson was at 3. Weren't planning on going because we called so many time and he never answered, thought he's not going to show up. I get a call at 2:59, Hey "jeff" where are you. ( I never told him my english name. weird but yeah thats how that went down ) and I said oh, we are on our way as we speak, he wanted to shoot some hoops. So we thought, why not won't hurt and we can make a new friend. Met up with him and he had some amazing questions, so prepared to bible bash and prove to me that this church was fake and not true. Well it turned out the other way. The first time I talked to him, it was too dark and he didn't see my name tag. So we played ball, gave him a tour of the church, and then sat down with him, had the most amazing lesson with him ever, and then at the end, he saw my name tag. He asked me if he can share a spiritual, personal thought with me, I said of course, " he said, "the night before I met you, I had a dream, all I could see was a black name tag. The whole night, I couldn't read any of it except for 3 chinese characters, they were "waih jeung louh," I don't know why I had this dream or what would come from it, but I knew I needed to find him to figure out what the name tag meant." Well, that was my name he saw in the dream, on the name tag, that changed my life. As I have been in this area for 5 months now, not having much success, that proved to me Heavenly Father knows where we are, who we are and what we need. He loves us. Maybe were not going to have booming success in every area, maybe it's you that needs the area, not the area that needs you. Mabye it's you that needs the members or investigators, not they that need you. Dont give up, its just the weight of the world, when your hearts heavy, I will, I will lift it for you. It's just the weight of the world...dont give up, because YOU are loved..when your lost inside, I'll be there to find you..if darkness blinds you, I'll be there as a light to guide you! DONT GIVE UP.

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