"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elder Wright's' first email for everyone.

First of all, thank you to all of our friends and family that are so supportive of Elder Wright and his decision to serve a mission in Hong Kong, China. This is the first email that was sent to us on April 28th.

Usher: Welcome to the mtc elder
Me: Thank you where you heading to elder?
Usher: Germany
Me: Cool how long have you been in here?
Usher: 7 weeks and its been straight heck i hate it more than life. How long are you in here for?
Me: 12 weeks thank you for the postive note
Thank you everyone for all those that have wrote me letters and sent me packages. It means so much to me and brings just great joy to my day. First rad fact of the week. Last night we got the opportunity to hear from L Tom Perry and his wife in out tues. devotional. Boy was the spirit strong in that room. His main point or topic that he was trying to get across was that the BOM is true. He told some amazing stories and scriptures. My favorite by far was DnC18:15-16. Read it will ya. Its so good. One of my new favorites. Now to the companions. I have two companions not just one. Elder Egbert ( Orem Ut ) i met him while i was out at byu h he was in my ward. Way Cool. Elder Kolye ( Idaho ) he is now our district leader. He is smooth. Our district has 3 sisters and 3 Brothers. 5 of us are going to Hong kong and were all speaking cantonese. Woohoo. Cantonese is a joke. Lets talk about it. I am clearly tone deaf and cant tell a tone if my life depended on it and well cantonese has 7 different tones. ha wow. i just laugh all the time my district gets upset with me they are all very music orientated but than you have me. bless my heart. Now to the caf food. I think they are just trying to prepare if we were all going to africa because it is awful. haha. but well manage. The spirit here at the mtc is so dang strong its amazing. It is by far the strongest i have ever felt it. I am being timed right now and there is a huge red clock on my screen counting down. makes me so nervous haha. INTENSE. This week has had its ups and downs and i love it all. Like our dear friend sister everson said the mtc is like " spiritual prison " i have to agree STRONGLY with her on that one. 11 more weeks in here Wooohoo. I read Alma 17-18 and i never really realized how strong in faith ammon was until the past few days and i am striving to liken myself to be like ammon. I miss my family so freakin much. That by far is the hardest thing right now. One other fact. Dont send emails because i havent and cant ever have time to read them so send them via dearelder.com or via mail. Thank you all for the love that you have showed to me. Youll never know how much it means to me. Well. This is all for now i love you all and hope all is well where ever you are. Make sure to be obedient and pressforward with a steadfast in christ and youll be able to achieve anything.

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