"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"I am going to slay you."

Here is the email that I received this morning. My friend Karen Hunt actually saw Jeffrey last night at the MTC. She said, Jeffrey looks great. A little too thin, but he seemed to be doing well! He introduced her to his companions and she said they were darling too! My other friend Karen Nobel, is investigating the blood disorder Jeffrey has. Love the "Karens" in my life!!! We are going to get him all fixed up and as good as new. We've turned a new page! Love it, love it, love it! Here is Jeffreys weekly email......

Who are you?
Why are you here?
What do you wantto accomplish in life?
Are you giving it 110%?
What are all your goals and dreams?
Are you fullfilling any of them?
Do you know your savior?
Though matter how great your bad experiences have been with the world, THERE IS A SAVIOR. If you are afraid, if are afraid for your kids, if you are afraid for your family, for your health, for the economy, for life, for friends and families with illnesses, just come to know your savior. He is there for you at all times of every day and with him you can accomplish anything you want. You can know what you need to do for your family, friends, and self. He is one person you can rely on though matter what. Mosiah 3:20 talks about how the gospel needs to be heard to every nation kindered and tongue. As humans right now we know where every person in the world is, we know every language and where it is spoken, we know every square inch of this world and all people are waiting for is YOU. They are waiting for you to share with them the gospel. They want to know the savior like we know him.They are waiting for that opportunity. They wont have it unless you share it with them. One thing sang that Sister Beeson gave on sunday fireside was that we dont have to be the strongest person, we dont have to have the longest testimony, we dont have to be the most positive out going person, we just have to give it our all and try out best and the lord will give us that helping handing we are looking for. This week has been great. Cantonese is getting easier and easier everyday. My tones well they are getting worse haha. For instance i was giving a lesson to a investigator and and i said the number four which is sei" and i said seii which they sound exactly the same but one means for and the other one means " I am going to slay you " so that was quite funny, my teacher didnt think so but i sure did. The investigator ran out of the room. My companions are cool, elder egbert is rad we get a long quite well, but elder koyle is different he just breaks out in dance clogging all our the place. Its odd but we love him haha. We leave july 5 for hong kong, the days are long here but the weeks are short. And for the food its still like they are trying to feed poor african children. Well thats all for now.
Scripture of the week: Isiah 41:10
Love and miss you all! Thanks for all the letters and prayers. I love you guys all so much.
PS. I got called to be the zone leader. Its sweet. Its a little bit much at times but its fun to welcome everyone and get to know each and every missionary indiviually. Its fun.

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