"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots to catch up on with Jeffrey! Sorry its long!

Well, quite a bit has transpired between the first update from the MTC and this one. Jefrey has had quite a rough time in the MTC. On top of being homesick and trying to learn one of the hardest languages, Cantonese, Jeffrey has not been feeling well physically. At first, our thoughts were that he is so stressed, that is why he isn't feeling well. I received an email last wednesday the 5th of May. I won't share that one with you, it was written to just me letting me know how he was feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was very concerned and called the MTC. I spoke to a wonderful man, President Bertolli (no idea how to spell his name.) He had Jeffrey see the MTC doctor who ran some blood work and several other tests. I then received a call telling me that Jeffreys white blood count was extremely low. Over the period of the next few days, Jeffreys gums started bleeding and then he also noticed bruising going up and down his spine. Crazy symptoms to have while in the MTC. The next step was to get in to see a cancer specialist. All symptoms were of Lukemia or other serious illnesses. (It is amazing how your mind goes crazy at times like this) Jeffrey was seen by Dr. Tudor a hematologist. He, as well, was very thorough and kind. He has reassured us that it is not Lukemia or cancer of any sort. He did quite a few more tests and now we just wait until this tuesday to find results. Dr. Tudor thinks this might be an autoimmune issue or a chronic virus. He really is not sure at this stage. So many friends have been fasting for Jeffrey and praying for him and sending him care packages or writing him. Our family is so grateful for your kindness and love. I know Heavenly Father is very aware of Jeffrey, loves him very much and is watching over him. I realize this is suppose to be a blog for Jeffrey and here I am writing away. I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the situation. Every now and then someone makes an impact on your life that will never be forgotten. Words of appreciation and gratitude just don't seem adequate. While we were living in New Canaan, Ct. we met that person. It happened to be our Bishop. Bishop Larson. I know that Jeffrey is still in the MTC, a large part, because of Bishop Larson. He has loved Jeffrey like a son. He writes him every day, if not several times a day. He sends him goodies every day. He prays and fasts for Jeffrey with friends from New Canaan. Here is the email for everyone that we received May 12th, two days before Jeffs 50th birthday. (just had to put that in there!)

It is now my third p-day. Crazy. Time is going by so slow yet so fast and what a joy it is. I have met a ton of rad missionaries from all over the world. Last night we got the opportunity to hear from one of my favorite speakers. Elder Jeffrey R Holland. It was the most powerful amazing unreal talk that i have ever heard. As all of you now i have been struggeling on what i need to do whether its to come home or stick it out. On monday morning as i was saying my prayers something told me. Stay at least until tues devotional it will change you and is meant for you. So thats what i did. We never know who is talking until we get there. Elder Holland gave the most amazing talk on missionary work and my favorite thing about him is that he speaks through the spirit of god. He never writes a talk but just speaks from his heart through the spirit. he said so many things that will never leave my heart. One thing that he really emphazied on is returning home from the mission field. He said there are so many missionaries returning home and becoming inactive. It is his biggest pet peeve. He said " if you come home and become in active in the church i will literally find you hunt you down and punch you in the face". Another thing he said was that the lord and jesus christ are investing everything they have in us ( missionaries ) right now. Something else he said was that " you have more authority and power than all the prime ministers, presidents, and religious leaders around the world. USE IT". He went on talking about how we need to convert at least one person on our missions and that person is YOU. His talk went on and there was never a dole moment in the room. As you know when he talks he makes sure you can here it. He sure teaches with the power and authority. Right now i just wanted to thank you all for the prayers, letters, thoughts, and everything else that you guys do for me. It means so much to me. i wouldnt be here if it werent for you guys. I love you all and hope that your guys are all doing great. Thank you again. It means the world to me. I MISS EVERYONE AND LOVE YOU ALL. My companions are great. Egbert from orem is one of my best friends now. Koyle is a little bit odd im not quite sure if he ever graduated the first grade. And hes a professional clogger. bless his heart. Spiritual Prison is the same. Just lovin it each and every day. Remember: TO BE A MISSIONARY EVERYDAY. YOU DONT HAVE TO HAVE THE NAME TAG TO BRING PEOPLE UNTO CHRIST. Thats all for this week! Be safe and happy and positive and every other joyous thing haha.
Ngoh Ngoi Leih
I Love YOU!
No one tells jokes in the mtc but me.
What is the most confusing day in mexico?
A: Fathers Day! hahahahahahhahaha
What do you call a dog with no legs?
A: It doesnt really matter he cant run to you! hahahahhahah
Those are for you lauren! i love you so much. I miss you guys all more than youll ever now.
ps. I am still pretty tone deaf dont worry about it i get crap about it all the time. 7 tones and still tone deaf than my class is like the mormon tabernacle choir. no worries at all i am loving life!

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