"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First picture from Hong Kong!!!

Well this week is short and sweet! At least we have a cute picture to look at! SEND HIM SNACKS!!!! He is getting too thin!! I need to go to Hong Kong! I'm hopeful to get some hand written letters this week and share some amazing stories! Can't wait......

Elder Jeffrey Wright
China Hong Kong Mission
2 Cornwall Street
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Family and Friends,
This is a week of few pictures, we are on our way to the temple right now and dont have much time to write. I hope you are all having an amazing summer and promise next weeks letter will be a lot better. I will be sending home a box this week of pictures and letters so ask my mom for them haha. I am loving everyday. The weather has been insane over here. Rain every single day i love it. My cantonese is slowly and i mean slowly improving haha. Funny thing this week. I was teaching a lesson for about 30 minutes no big just struggeling making words up in chinese haha and at the end " um i speak english " hahah okay thanks for telling me as i struggeled through that lesson so funny. i was just laughing so hard. food is quite the same sometimes i pray for a miracle i will see an american restrautn in english but that is not one of the many miracles i have seen. haha. I have seen hundreds of miracles this week you wouldnt believe it. I love it here. so much!! well thats all i have time for now.love you all. be safe and choose the freakin right. love you.
hello and goodbye from hong kong.
3 week in hong kong and what a joy it has been.

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  1. elder wright:
    amanda tillotsen (next door) gave to me your blog addr (did you know she is going to china to teach english?); first, apologies: asked district pres if i could go to mtc to see you off and was told no; second, right after you left, we were transferred from branch 5/cantonese to branch 31/spanish--so sad; third, hi to all 40 of our hong kong missionaries; fourth, sis. mills is the only one who has written!
    sis. fugal
    branch pres. wife
    formerly of mtc/branch 5