"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's finally here....his first "official" email from Hong Kong

Hello everyone,

1. jelly fish tentacles
2.cow intestines
3.pig feet and anus
4.balooot ( a egg with baby chicken still in it 3/4 developed )
5. cat and dog meat
6. whale meat
Yes, these are the delicous meals that I get to eat while here in Hong Kong. And, no mother the McDonalds is definitely not the same as United States haha, unless you like squid and fish in your fries and milk shakes haha. I am postive whatever language that they taught me in the mtc... was not cantonese, haha. There is no sense of humor over here in Hong Kong, I will change that for sure. The people here are very rude, in a hurry, and dont care about anyone but themselves. The mission has been cut down from 150 missionaries to 80 missionaires and they have closed a lot of areas. The wards consister of 10-30 members usually. The weather is very humid. Constantly sweating. Its so much fun though. The language is just going to take time ( i'll probably understand it right when im leaving haha ) no big. My companion is from mainland and speaks no english, so thats really fun. I love it. everything is so cheap here, thats the best thing about it. Food, clothes, everything. We walk or train or taxi or bus everywhere. My companion and i have the largest area in the mission and the most rural so its amazing. I love it. We live in a tin shack, no big its fun. No such thing as ac or washing machines anymore. haha all is good. WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR NEXT SUNDAY. so stoked. we teach few lessons. it is really hard to get people to stop and talk to you. They all have umbrellas and the put them down so they cant see you. So I thought, hey next person to do that to me, i will get under their freakin unbrella and talk to them. Well I got beat up with an umbrella, haha. I love it, but its so hard. Uchtdorf comes on sunday to talk to the hong kong missionaires. That will be very interesting to see what he has to say. President Chan said this is one of the hardest missions in the field, I am going to change that forsure. I love it. I smile to everyone and they cuss at me, it has to be my favorite thing ever. I am loving life. love you all and miss you even more. cant wait to hear from everyone!
much love
elder wright
waih jeung louh

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