"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: Mothers Day
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, May 5, 2011, 12:39 AM

47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.

This week is Mothers Week, and I have had a lot of time recently to reflect on what my mother has done for me through out my life. I have come to realize that I will never be able to do 1/4 of what my mom has done for me for anyone. She has taught me the morals and values that I needed to learn so that I can be the person that my Father in Heaven desires me to be. Through my mother and her obedience, Heavenly Father was able to guide and lead her so that I could be here in Hong Kong today, serving my brothers and sisters. Because of my mom, my family has the opportunity to live with each other for time and eternity and have the amazing blessings of becoming an eternal family. Because of my mom, I know how to love everyone for who they are, how to serve those in need, how to give a helping hand to those in distress, how to smile and show everyone that life is great, to laugh at the little things, to try my best to live the gospel in the manner Heavenly Father has set it up, to be myself and never let others put me down, to love, serve, and pray for thy enemy, to make sure that my family is number one on my list at all times and in all places, and she has taught me much more than this. Some may ask how has she taught such amazing life lessons, and I tell you its through her example. She never forced me to do anything, she taught with love and through her own example. This is the way that I have come to learn so much. With out my mom and her testimony, I wouldn't be on a mission right now, I wouldn't have had this amazing, unreal, fantastic, life changing blessing, if it werent for my mom and dad! The last few years before my mission my mom and I were able to get so close, we were best of friends. Growing up when i was 12-16 yeah haha not the best times, but you know we all grow and learn from our mistakes, we are all able to partake in the amazing blessing of the atonement, no matter how big or small your problem or sins are the atonement is for everyone and everything. Through it we can all be cleanesed of our sins and mistakes, because our savior loves us and wants us to be happy in this life and the life to come. When I started applying the atonement in my life it was then that I saw a difference in me, it is then that I realized my family is the most important thing I have on this earth today, it was then that it finally snapped. Yeah it took me a little longer than most to realize that, but I am so grateful that I am able to have the relationship I do with my mom and family today. A lot of the time, because my amazing father is always working his butt off to support his family, he had to travel a lot! So it was always me lauren and mom ( sometimes lindsay depending if she wasnt the limelight of the world, she just is too popular for us. ha ha ) over those years that my dad had to travel, the three of us, were able to build a strong relationship and more than that a friendship! My mom and I are best friends and I love her so much, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to say today that I would be a member of this church, I wouldn't have been able to help Vincent, Mary and her daughters, Lambert, Mark and his family, Ernest, Tyron, Lamb, Ken, Sophia, and so many more. It is because of her that I was able to help them, through the Lord working through her and then me. We still have a lot more of lives to change. My mom is the best example of love. She loves all, I would have to say this might sound rude but I did a sharing about my mom for the mission this week and I compared her to a dog. I will ask you, what I asked all the missionaries... what are the characteristics of a dog? Think about it for reals....
A dog loves everyone, it doesn't matter if you are fat, smoking and drinking, if you just sinned or just made the biggest mistake of your life, he doesnt care if you are in the worst mood ever or if you are happier then a child at disneyland, my point is... that a dog loves everyone for who they are, not what they are but who the lord sees them as. The lord loves everyone no matter what! He will never give up on anyone, and accepts everyone for who they are and the baggage that comes with them. We all make mistakes and have our own problems and trials, He's aware of that, will always be ready to help you lift those burdens through the power of prayer and faith and obedience and the atonement. My mom is like a dog, she serves all and gives her full heart to the lord each and everyday, I have not once in my 20 years seen my mom give up or offend anyone on purpose, she loves everyone and I think that is the most amazing Christlike attribute that my mom has. I look up to her in so many ways and love her more than life it self. I love you mom and hope that you have an amazing mothers day. I can't wait to call you! You are the best mom ever!!!
This week was moves calls and interviews, it was a rather long week, but it all made up for it, my interview with the president was amazing. I love him so much. It was one of the best things ever. He is so in tune with the spirit, it blows my mind. I hope to be like him one day. As for moves Elder Ng and I will be staying together and we will stay in the same area as well. We will build this place up and make it the strongest area in all of Hong Kong. We had so many people at church on sunday it was amazing, I gave a talk on the atonement and prayer, haha I was quite nervous, but the Lord helped me get the point out and let them feel of the holy spirit which is the most important part. It doesn't matter what we say, or what we do, it matters that they were able to have the chance to feel of the spirit and let it testify unto them. 2 nephi 33:1, He is the teacher that converts the children of men. It's so important to have the spirit, whether we are teaching lessons( gospel lessons or life lessons or advice ) to converts, investigators, members, your children, friends, or just anyone because its then they can know what you are saying is what the Lord wants them to know and its then that they will change. Hong Kong is getting so hott haha I'm dying but I would rather have it hot and gross then.... snowing haha. Sorry for all those in Utah bummmmer. I heard Osama got killed? haha every chinese person comes up to us,( please use chinese accents )" you hear theee man in afigangkdjh ( they butcher that word every time with out a doubt ) got a a a shot in thee head, are da you happy? " haha, ok. thats enough. I am really loving every second I have out here and I love my comp and my area, the new investigators we have and the members and all they do for me. I got to see Vincent and Ernest last sunday, they both have the priesthood now and are going to the temple on friday! I couldn't be happier! I am loving it and hope you are too. Take a few minutes this week and reflect on your life and all that your mother has done for you, since day one. Look how far you've come from her, whether its learning from her mistakes or learning for her example. You learned something, we all do. love you and have a great week!
grandma romney- love you, happy mothers day! love your favorite!
gram Wright!!! how are you? I love you so much, happy mothers day thanks for all that you did for my father as he was growing up ,I know it couldn't have been easy haa, love you gram! keep smiling!

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