"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey yallllll.......

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: this week be likeeee
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 4:02 AM

hey yalllll
This week be like ooo aahhhh freakin fantastic. Time is flying next week I will be in a new area with a new companion. It's going to be so hard to leave this area. I have put my all into this area and the people that live here. I love it here more than anything. I have been serving in kwun tong for 6 months now and have met so many amazing individuals that I will never forget and they of couse will be life long friends and family. I have learned so much while living here knowing that this area and these people are preparing me for my next area and my new friends, I am so excited to see new things and places, make new friends, and move on, but I can't tell you, words can't describe the love I have for this area and my friends here. It's going to be so difficult to leave them all behind, but I will never loose contact with them, so that is always a comforting factor. They are my brothers and sisters and I will never forget them, just like heavenly father never forgets ANY of us. Jesus left the 99 to search for the 1, as would I would do for any of them. As we should all strive to do for everyone of our brothers and sisters, no matter what circumstances they have or come from. He would do anything for anyone, He died for all, we should be able to say that we would do the same. Our lifes purpose is to follow His example so that we can return to live with him again. Hey guess what, I love you guys. I'm sitting in a Indonesian computer center, just getting yelled at in a language that is not comprehendible to my ears. Who knows whats going on or how much longer I will have access to this computer, but I'm grateful I have had these 5 minutes to email. This week has been amazing. I can't tell you how amazing it has been. I have never seen or heard so many miracles in all my mission. I remember a few weeks ago I told you about one of my best friends that got antied really bad ( happens a lot here ) anyways I called him last thurs after email and talked to him, just said I love and miss him hope we can talk one last time before he drops us, he said okay, we had a meeting with him on friday, grabbed some faahn and baau ( chinese food ) and headed backed to eat and talk. Well we had an amazing lesson, I can't tell you why this lesson was more amazing than any other lesson I have had this week, but by the end all three of us witnessed Gods hands in us missionaries and with in the life of our best friend. Not only did we know that it was h.f. but he also did. I can't tell you about this miracle because of the details that happened, but trust me that the spirit was there and through the spirit he was converted. We did not give up on him and because we didn't give up, he has found out that this is gods church on the earth today. We had our lesson on friday and planned on playing soccer with him on saturday morning. Welp, saturday morning came after our lesson and he ran up to us, with the hugest smile I have ever seen and said Elder Wright and Elder Fogt, through you two, HeavenlyFather talked to me, I prayed last night and recieved my answer that I have been striving for, for 5 months now. He has answered me and I would like to be baptized on april 10 2011. I can't tell you the chills that went through my body at the time or how strong the spirit was. But I know that we all are so loved by our Father in Heaven, He knows us individually and wants the best for us. He will NEVER give up on us. As we should never give up on our families and friends, maybe they aren't making the best decisions in life and you don't agree with the choices they are making right now, but h.f. has put you in their lives because He trusts you, He has faith in you, that you won't give up on them and that through you, you can help them rearrange their lives in a way that is pleasing to Him. He trusts you. He loves you. He wants you to help your brothers and sisters.
We also had a baptism this week. His name be Marc. I have told you about him and his amazing testimony. He's a stud. Usually when our friends get baptized we tell them to invite family and friends, but usually no one will ever come. But it was different for Marc, his mom came and brought all of her christian friends. Pretty scary for our ward members haha, but it didn't matter what church they went to, what they believed in, what they thought about us and our beliefs, but all she knew at the time of his baptism was that he had made the right choice and that she could be something that she has never felt of before and that was the holy ghost. So amazing. She was forever grateful for us two missionaries and couldn't have been more appirciative towards us. She wouldn't stop thanking us, she came up to me and said waih jeung loug ( chinese name ) " my son, over the past three weeks has changed so much, he is so happy now, he's willing to help and serve others, to love his family and spend time with us, he respects me and my husband, I can't tell you why he's changed so much but I do know its because of your teachings and this gospel, I love you and I thank you forever am I indebt to you and what you have done with my son." This is amazing. We had no idea Marc wasn't happy and not being a good boy at home, but what we did know was that this gospel could help him be happier no matter what, you can be the happiest person in the world and I promise you this gospel can make you 3242359 times happier. I testify this gospel is here on the earth today to help and guide us, to make us SMILE AND BE HAPPY> it's up to us what we do with what h.f. has given us. It's up to YOU. Marcs mom and her friends invited us over to dinner last night.. and now they have baptismal dates because they felt of the goodness of this message and of the Holy Hhost. miracles.
Tyron.... tyron be resurrected! woohoo. haha another one of my best friends here in Hong Kong, he's 18 and a rad little guyy. ( he's the one standing next to me in the ice skating pictures the chinese one of course hahaha ) He loves to hang out with us, we met him about 2 months ago. Taught him the gospel and eventually he just liked to hang out with us and didn't have much interest in learning more, just wanted to chill but ya know what happened this week, we threw down on him, we were bold and to the point, we were HONEST with him. He like lamb ( the one i talked about before we was antied yeah his name is lamb dont ask. ) was antied too, haha who isn't these days, satan has a great grasp over those who are trying to listen to what they know is right and true, he's going to try even harder to make them have no interest in hearing this message. But the holy ghost has a dominate strength that can over come satan and his temptations within a second of being in the room. Thats exactly what happened with Tyron, because we were straight up with him and honest he could feel our love for him and know that the only reason we are missionaries is because we want to help others, we love everyone, and want to help and serve everyone in the best way we can and that is through sharing this message with them. He realized that during our lesson, he felt our concern for him and our love for him and his commitment was to pray and read the b of m, so i'll give you guys an update on him and his progress next week. Being honest in all of our doings is so important, it's hard to have clean and nice thoughts all the time, I'm the worst I always have sarcastic things to say about people or what they say, so one thing I've been working on is trying to clean up my brain a little bit ( ha its needs a lot of work and its going to take years haha ) because I know that h.f. knows every thought and remark we think and say even if we don't say it out loud he knows... aiyyyaaa. haha. well I love you all and know we can work together to serve everyone and love everyone. We're all in this together, ( just like highschool musical says ahahhahaha I just died laughing how gay is that movie, oh man bless my heart) but I truely know that we really are all in this together, we are one big happy family and are on this earth at this time for each other. Keep up the smiles and the good work. every member a missionary. tag or not. You are a missionary. love you all. smile and pray for all em in japan. so sad.
love elder wright

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