"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Therefore, I never want to get married.....ha ha

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey hey hey
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 2:00 AM

leih to the hou to the mah? How are you all doing this week, I hope fantastic. I hope you just have a huge smile on your face as I do. man oh man. It's been a week of you could say, that as to a roller coaster ride... haha, but it's been full of miracles and full of so many amazing opportunities to help and serve others... including my companion haha. wowwee. My comp decided this week while we were playing basketball that he wanted to sprain his ankle, so he did and we ended up in the hospital from 8pm-6am. So that was an experience that I never want to partake in again. Hong Kong medical system is beyond jacked up haha. they need a little bit of help. Elder Fogt for the first day used a walker, yes like an older grandma walker and then the next day after that, we got him some crutches. But its been amazing to be able to serve him during this past week, it really has showed me what a marriage will be like. so therefore I never want to get married. haha jk. But serious, it is so difficult and stressful. Can't imagine havin them little children around screaming and yelling and fighting, as well as a wife. woww. haha. just kidding I can't wait for it, but maybe well give it a little while. Well this week has been a blast, it really has. We have seen so many miracles. We have a baptism this week his name be Marc, hes 15 years old and so legit. I found him 2 weeks ago, so you could say that he is GOLDEN haha he really has the strongest testimony and is the most amazing young man I have ever met. He got anti so hard by his family and his friends, but yet because he knew that our father in heaven loved him and that this was his only true and full gospel on the earth today, that he was going to continue to develop his testimony and he when his friends and loved ones antied him, what did he do? He shared his testimony with them, it was one of the most heart wrenching things I have ever seen or heard, just about brought me to tears as he shared with his parents his testimony his beliefs and his new lifes ambitions. His families and friends heart were soften and now they no longer talk bad about this church, but have more interest in learning more about it. Because a 15 year old boy shared his simple, but yet so divine and powerful testimony. This shows to you that your testimony can and will go so far in someones life. It does not have to be this huge overwhealming testimony with tons of memorized scriptures, but by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. He told them that god loved them and that j.s. restored this gospel to earth today, because heavenly father wants us to know how we can prepare ourselves to return to live with him once more. That through the plan of salvation we can and will have eternal families, families that can be together not only through this life but for time and all eternitiy, yes forever. That was it. So simple, but so magnificient in the eyes of our heavenly father. Thats all they needed to hear and to see his emotions and his love. They felt through Marc the love of our savior Jesus Christ. They knew that Marc had been answered, and recieved a witness that this church is true. Just like Marc you too know that this is the only true church on the earth today. You too know that when we share our testimonies with others, we will recieve blessings that we can't comprehend. I promise to all of you, that when you share your testimony the gates of heaven open and the gift of the holy ghost is there with you to testify to those around you that h.f. loves them and is aware of them at all times and in all places. I have an amazing friend, I have grown up with her, we have been through thick and thin, she is not of this church or religion, that doesn't bother me at all, I love her like my sister, and I know that one day she will listen to the missionaries and she will find out for herself that this church is true. She like a lot of my investigators go to another christian church. they know not why there church is not the fullnes and most correct. Do you know why they don't know, because no one has shared with them the divine powerful, strong, life changing message of our beloved jospeh smith. I will give you a quick back ground about joseph as I do everyday in my lessons I teach. Most of you know when jesus was on this earth, he was a prophet ( so if he is a prophet he does also have power and authority to lead and guide us to recieve revelation for you and I) and a leader, our brother and our friend, he to restored heavenly fathers full gospel to the earth at that time, he called 12 apostles to help him share this message with everyone to hear. They as well, got baptized and baptized thousands. why would our perfect example our brother Jesus Christ need to be baptized if he was perfect? That is because he is our example and through him we can know what we need to do to return to hf. He also, with the help of his apostles organized the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but as you know many persecuted him and his apostles leading to the atonement which makes it possible for all us to return to our heavenly fathers presence again. Through the atonement we can all be forgiven of our sins because none of us are perfect. Then after the death of Jesus Christ and his apostles because no one had that authority to lead and guide us as his apostles and himself had god, withdrew his power from this earth for a long period of time.( during this time, religion was of great excitement and many because they had the bible established their own church on their own beliefs.have you ever wondered why this earth has so many different churches today? That is why there are so many other christan and other churchs on the earth today. ) Until the year of 1820 when a young man had a desire to know which of these churches is true on the earth today. Because his family members and friends all went to different churches, causing a great confusion in this young man, not knowing where he himself needed to go to church, so we tried them all. Then he read in the bible one scripture that had a profound effect on him. St John 1:5. after reading this scripture he thought he needed to do just that. So he went to a peaceful quiet area near his house and prayed having a miraculous experience. hf and jc appeared to him telling him that, on the earth today the true church can not be found, but through you joseph smith, you will restore the full gospel back to the earth. It took years for him to do this. He like Jesus Christ was, as well a prophet and gods authority as well. Restored our church to this earth today. Many wonder what the differences are between our churches and other christian churches. Today, we have a prophet leading and guiding us today, we have the priesthood power, and we have this amazing life changing book that is more correct than any other book on the earth today, called The Book of Mormon. I testify to all of you that this church is true and the Joseph Smith restored this gospel back to the earth for us today, because hf lvoes us so much. he wants us to feel his love and guidance in our daily lives and we can and do through this gospel and through this message. Lindsey I hope that you can find out for yourself that this message is true. I know growing up, I wasn't the best example to you, I myself had no testimony, I doubted and didn't like keeping the commandments, I thought it was all to much, as I look back that was a regret in which I hold against myself. I know that I can repent though. I know I've made mistakes and I'm not perfect. But I do know that if you come unto our father in heaven and ask him if this message is true, you too will know it, for yourself. I just sat and wrote this message for an hour because I love you and I know that you have your agency to accept it or not, but I want you to be a part of my family and to return with us to live with our h.f. again and there is only one way you can do that. It is through this message I have shared with you. It's taken me years to do this and I don't know why. But right now I feel like its time. You are ready. I know you are. For all of you wondering if this mesage is true, findout tonight. It's up to you. well, hong kong is great. recently I have been getting anxious about moves, I don't want to move, I love kwun tong, my friends and family that I have met here mean the world to me and I do not want to leave them. It's going to be so hard, but I know that there are more waiting for me. So I'm ready for whatever h.f. has in store for me. The weather has been crappy. Raining everyday. I'm ready for summer. mh sai dung tin hei. haha. okay well. read em scriptures. pray. and serve everyone you can. love you all so much. ctr.
love e wright.

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