"I love this cute grandma."

"I love this cute grandma."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

There have been no missionaries in this area for over 10 years.

From: Jeffrey Romney Wright
Subject: hey its time for change!
To: "Jolene Wright"
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 10:55 PM

Hey, it's me Elder Wright! How is everyone doing on this fine day! I hope and pray you are all doing amazing. I don't have much time right now, but I just want to let you all know that I am doing amazing. I have a new area, which is beautiful and I have a new companion who is a stud and I have myself who is just jolly and happy as ever. We are loving opening this area up, let me tell you something though, haha it's not the easiest thing to do. There have not been missionaries here for over 10 years. Yesterday we went and tried to visit less actives by just going to their houses and knocking on there doors. Well after 5 hours, we had over 100 less actives slam their doors in our faces. Before we could even say hello, no problem though, because we know that them seeing us was all they neeeded at this tim. They will remember the missionaries that taught them, and then through us they can remember the testimony and feelings they had at their baptisms. I'm not going to lie, it is hard going around tracking for 5 hours, going to houses that at one time they had amazing strong members and not being let into one house. Tough, but its was so much fun, I laughed every time the door got slammed in my face, my companion was just stunned. haha I loved it, because I knew that in those 5 hours, I gave them another opportunity to remember their Father in Heaven and the love that he has for them. I got to get an ice cream after we were done, so thats always a plus. strawberry and vanilla swirl.... what up now. So delicious. haha This week we have had a lot of tracting and finding time, and boy have we seen miracles, too many to share. One though that we can share. So we did weekly planning and I decided before we go to bed we were going to pray together and we were going to ask Heavenly Father to please give us a name of our new "best friend" that we can find tomorrow. We prayed and I recieved his name, Tommy. Well the next day came, we went finding, and it was a long day of rejections and a few great amazing people, just like any other day. Than right before we were about to grab a bite to eat I saw in the distance a young boy, probably 14 years old. I said to my comp, were not going to eat, we're going to go teach this boy first. We start talking to him, cute little thing he is, with quite the attitude. And we're sharing with him our purpose as missionaries and what we do, then we got into our loving Heavenly Father and how he loves every single one of us, that you my friend and elder ng are from China, I am a white person from america, but that matters not, because we are brothers and are here for the same reason, to prepare ourselves to return to live with Heavenly Father one day. To help us progress and learn all that we need to know so that we can have an eternal family. Well, he didn't have much to say for a minute, then he looks at us and says, "I am tommy and my mom listened to the missionaries 10 years ago and hasnt been able to find them since." Well this is just one of the names we recieved this week. I also received Adam, a-lahm, Thomas, and Jeff. We recieved these names every night and have found each of them the next day. I testify to all of you that h.f. listens to our prays that He will answer them if you are worthy to recieve the answer you are looking for, if you have faith, you can do anything. He loves us and knows each of us individually. He's aware of each and everyone of us and wants the best for us. Never forget that. Sometimes you may feel as if your are alone in this big world today, but remember you are not. He is here with you day in and out. This week I have felt like I have talked to my Father in Heaven even more than my companion, because I know that he will listen to me. I know that he loves me, I know he wants me to have succes and expierence trials because he wants me to learn and grow and be able to help and serve others as they go through similar circumstances. He wants me to prepare for my future, through the trials he gives me and I am so grateful for each and every single one He gives me. I love them! Elder Ng and I are loving it and so grateful for all we have been given. We love each other and our area. We love our ward. We love this time He has given us to serve him. I hope you can all find ways to help our brothers and sisters to have the same opportunity we have to have an eternal family. I hope you can find ways to serve everyone and love everyone for who they are! love them for their mistakes and love them for their rudeness. ha ha
love elder wright
1 nephi 3:7
If you have desires to serve, he will lead you to where and what you need to do and go.

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